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Welcome New Investigators, Students, & Employees!!

The IRB internet website is currently under construction

The mission of the University of Massachusetts Medical School 
Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)
is to facilitate excellence in Human Research by:

  • Safeguarding and promoting the health and welfare of human research participants by ensuring that their rights, safety, and well-being are protected; 
  • Educating our community about research and the rights and responsibilities of research participants;
  • Providing timely and high quality review and monitoring of human research studies.     

                                                                                                                                          Click here for External IRBs & Reliance agreements


Step 2

Review & complete the educational requirements for human subjects research and, if applicable, follow the steps here if you have completed the CITI course at another institution.

Step 3

Ask your PI to submit a modification to add you as a study team member to applicable studies.

Step 4

Prepare your study documents including the required Investigator Study Plan (ISP).

Create & Submit your Research application using the Research Management System (RMS).

Click here to view instructions & videos of step-by-step actions needed for your IRB submission.

**Make sure your submission moves out of PRE-SUBMISSION state to PRE-REVIEW.