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Schiffer Lab awarded $3.3M grant renewal by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on structural studies of APOBEC3 enzymes

Date Posted: jueves, octubre 01, 2020

Professor Celia Schiffer has been awarded renewal of her R01 grant titled “Structurally Dissecting APOBEC3s for HIV-1 Restriction and Beyond” on structural studies of APOBEC3s, which are cytidine deaminases that introduce sequence diversity into DNA and RNA.  APOBEC3s are associated with antiviral restriction, especially HIV, and have critical roles in immunology and oncology. This five-year $3.3M grant award will support the Schiffer lab’s ongoing collaboration with Dr. Hiroshi Matsuo (Leidos Biomedical). The two laboratories will continue to leverage their complementary strengths through a multi-disciplinary approach combining structural biology, biophysics, enzymology, chemistry and virology. The renewal engages Dr. Jonathan Watts (RNA Therapeutics Institute and BMP) to incorporate non-native nucleic acids in inhibitors. Together they will characterize differential specificities of APOBEC3s to ssDNA and RNA and investigate how HIV-1 Vif interferes with APOBEC3 antiviral activities and how these enzymes can be harnessed and inhibited. Through better characterization of APOBEC3s, the collaboration will be poised for future therapeutic development.

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