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About the Lab

Our lab is interested in the mechanisms that control cell growth and proliferation, and in understanding how these pathways are disrupted in cancer cells. We study how transcription, phosphorylation and protein degradation contribute to the regulatory network that controls the eukaryotic cell cycle. 


Recent News

June 2024: Mackenzie Flynn defends her dissertation. Congratulations Mackenzie! 
March 2024: Our preprint about calcineurin and the chronic stress response is available on bioRxiv
January 2024:
Ben Godbout joins the lab as a Research Associate
May 2023: 
Sujiraporn Pakchuen joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Associate
April 2023:
Michelle Conti defends her dissertation. Congratulations Michelle! 
January 2023: Our paper describing Phosphosite Scanning is published in Nature Communications
August 2022: Repression of essential cell cycle genes increases cellular fitness is published in PLoS Genetics
July 2022: Jillian Bail joins the lab as a Research Associate 
June 2022: Our paper describing how Cip1 tunes stress-induced cell cycle arrest is published in PNAS
September 2021: Our paper describing a role for Ubc1 turnover in the spindle checkpoint is published in G3

Our Affiliations