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  • Alison Abbott, PhD

    Alison Abbott, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Biological Sciences, Marquette University, Wehr Life Sciences
    Suite 308, PO Box 1881, Milwaukee WI 53201
    Ofc: (414) 288-4422; Email:
    View web page

  • Samantha Burke, PhD

    Samantha Burke, PhD

    Science Faculty
    Noble and Greenough School
    Dedham, MA

  • Kae-Jia (Roger) Chang, PhD

    Kae-Jia (Roger) Chang, PhD

    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Karolinska Institutet
    Stockholm, Sweden


  • Sungwook Choi, PhD

    Sungwook Choi, PhD

    Senior Researcher
    HanAll Biopharmaceutical, Suwon, Korea 

  • Marta Christov, MD, PhD

    Marta Christov, MD, PhD

    Nephrologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Division of Nephrology
    Westchester Medical Center
    Macy Pavilion, Valhalla, NY  10595
    Ofc: 914-493-7701 (clinical); 914-594-3989 (research)
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  • Susan Euling, PhD

    Susan Euling, PhD

    EPA's National Center for Environmental Assessment
    1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington  20460
    Ofc: (703) 347-8575;  Email:
    View EPA website

  • Rhonda Feinbaum, PhD

    Rhonda Feinbaum, PhD

    Department of Molecular Biology Simches Research Center
    Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

  • William Fixsen, PhD

    William Fixsen, PhD

    Senior Lecturer
    Molecular and Cellular Biology
    Director of Science Instruction for Continuing Education and the Health Careers Program
    Harvard University, Boston, MA
    Ofc: (617) 998-8598

  • Hirosha Geekiyanage

    Hirosha Geekiyanage, PhD

    Postdoc Associate
    University of Massachusetts Medical School

  • Christopher Hammell, PhD

    Christopher Hammell, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Watson School of the Biological Sciences
    One Bungtown Road, 213 James Building, Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724
    Ofc: (516) 367-5207; Lab: (516) 367-5210
    Email:;   View web page

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