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UMass Chan Emergency Medicine Residents

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First Year Residents (EM-1)

First Year Residents (EM-1)

  • Michael Bernazzani

    Michael Bernazzani

    Hometown: Peabody, MA
    Undergrad: Northeastern Univ
    Medical School: Loyola Univ
    Interests: Recreational Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Wood working, Photography, Skiing

  • Hunter Bolin

    Hunter Bolin

    Hometown: Natick, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Amherst
    Medical School: Stony Brook
    Interests: Miniature Painting (some of the board games I play have small plastic miniatures that require painting), Table Top Games (board games such as Coup, Codenames, Ticket to Ride, etc), Rock Climbing, Fantasy Novels

  • Patrick Bonson

    Patrick Bonson

    Hometown: Burlington, VT
    Undergrad: Univ of Vermont
    Medical School: Virginia Tech
    Interests: Paragliding (P2-Solo Pilot, Easily my most involved interest), Cross County Skiing (I began nordic racing in high school and have kept CC skiing as a hobby since then), Rock Climbing (indoor and outdoor bouldering and top-roping have been a staple of mine for years), Banjo (the newest addition to the interest section, I took up clawhammer banjo after moving to Roanoke in 2018)

  • Christopher DiTullio

    Christopher DiTullio

    Hometown: Hanover, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Amherst
    Medical School: UMass Chan
    Interests: Golf, Boston Pro Sports Teams (Go Pats!!), Personal finance, Watching documentaries, Trivia, Board Games, Cooking, Traveling, Spending time outdoors

  • Jacob Garrell

    Jacob Garrell

    Hometown: Fairfield, CT
    Undergrad: Tufts
    Medical School: UConn
    Interests: Sustainable cooking: I have been actively learning how to cook with fresh and local ingredients during my time as a medical student. I have recently been focusing on plant-based diets. Outdoor Activities: I have grown up golfing, fishing, snowboarding, and hiking and spend my free time exploring the outdoors and exercising

  • Julian Goding

    Julian Goding

    Hometown: Southborough, MA
    Undergrad: Holy Cross
    Medical School: UMass Chan
    Interests: Running, beer and whiskey connoisseur, audiophile, cooking, tennis, golf, hiking, pickleball, politics, the US legal system, video games, traveling

  • Neel Gupta

    Neel Gupta

    Hometown: Marlborough, MA
    Undergrad: Union College
    Medical School: Albany Med
    Interests: Baseball, football, Golf, movies, 3D printing, Programming, computer building

  • Sean McHugh

    Sean McHugh

    Hometown: Chatham, NJ
    Undergrad: Amherst College
    Medical School: Cooper Medical School
    Interests: I am a very active person who loves making or fixing things and generally working with my hands. I often come up with projects or jobbies that will help me learn new skills, such as fixing a decrepit sailboat to teach myself how to sail. My hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, camping, backpacking, canoeing, sailing, woodworking, drawing, painting, sewing, weightlifting, running, swimming, cooking and baking.

  • Corey Michelson

    Corey Michelson

    Hometown: Needham, MA
    Undergrad: University of Maryland
    Medical School: Tufts 
    Interests: Golfing (often you will find 3 generations of Michelson's enjoying a round!), Hiking and city walks, avid Boston sports fan, adaptive sports, cooking (hopefully future omelet food truck owner), Music DJ/Playlist curator

  • Ruairi O'Connor

    Ruairi O'Connor

    Hometown: Sligo, Ireland
    Undergrad: National University of Ireland, Galway
    Medical School: University of Limerick
    Interests: Competitive open water swimming, surfing and surf life saving, alpine skiing, photography

  • Aaron Prugar

    Aaron Prugar

    Hometown: York, ME
    Undergrad: Boston College
    Medical School: Tufts
    Interests: Hiking, board games, homebrewing, Star Wars, weightlifting, Pittsburgh Steelers, reading

  • Duncan Robertson

    Duncan Robertson

    Hometown: Holliston, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Amherst
    Medical School: New York Medical College
    Interests: Hobbies include live music, hiking with my dog and wife, basketball, swimming, biking, disc sports, soccer, food (eating it not cooking it), craft beers, running, camping, beaching and billiards/pool. Interests include medical education, mindfulness, medical toxicology, sports and rural medicine.

  • Gretta Steigauf-Regan

    Gretta Steigauf-Regan

    Hometown: Oakdale, MN
    Undergrad: Notre Dame
    Medical School: University of Minnesota
    Interests: Ice hockey, Water skiing/Slalom water skiing, reading, softball, golf, running, traveling, hiking, baking, Global Health, Ultrasound

  • Frank Wu

    Frank Wu

    Undergrad: Stanford
    Medical School: Univ of Southern California
    Interests: Aviation enthusiast, fostering cats, Building custom computers, Trekking in Himalayas

Second Year Residents (EM-2)

Second Year Residents (EM-2)

  • Kyle Albagli

    Kyle Albagli

    Hometown: Clifton Park, NY
    Undergrad: Haverford College
    Med School: Stony Brook
    Interests: Travel, hiking, trivia, spaceflight, classical music

  • Aaron Amardey-Wellington

    Aaron Amardey-Wellington

    Hometown: Accra, Ghana
    Undergrad: Tufts
    Med School: Tufts
    Interests: Playing soccer, Dancing, Singing, Ping Pong, Personal fitness, Stocks trading, Traveling with my wife and kids

  • Baylee Arnold

    Baylee Arnold

    Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA
    Undergrad: Pacific Lutheran University
    Med School: Loma Linda
    Interests: Equestrian, Trail running, hiking, backpacking, Kayaking, Canyoneering, Rock Climbing, Intramural sports, Reading, Coffee

  • Eric Borges

    Eric Borges

    Hometown: Fairhaven, MA
    Undergrad: WPI
    Med School: UMass
    Interests: Calisthenics, Home cooking, Personal finance, Reading

  • Cameron Burke

    Cameron Burke

    Hometown: Upland, CA
    Undergrad: Univ of Washington
    Med School: Univ of Vermont
    Interests: Photography, cooking, baking, running, swimming, hiking, camping

  • Peter DaCosta

    Peter DaCosta

    Hometown: New Bedford, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Dartmouth
    Med School: UMass
    Interests: Cooking, hiking, fermenting, Global Health

  • Anne Drake

    Anne Drake

    Hometown: Troy, Michigan
    Undergrad: Case Western
    Med School: Case Western
    Interests: Hiking, camping, rock climbing, crocheting, skiing, boating, spending time with my dog

  • Holly Dupuis

    Holly Dupuis

    Hometown: Brookfield, MA
    Undergrad: RPI
    Med School: Hofstra/Northwell
    Interests: Cycling, triathalons, culinary medicine, wildlife, hiking

  • Jasmine Gale

    Jasmine Gale

    Hometown: Dedham, MA
    Undergrad: Univeristy of Southern California
    Med School: Tufts
    Interests: Scuba diving, dancing, hiking, camping, backpacking, guitar.

  • Brendan Healy

    Brendan Healy

    Hometown: Wilmington, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Lowell
    Med School: Temple
    Interests: Piano, softball, sailing, 

  • Harsha Kumar

    Harsha Kumar

    Hometown: Bihar, India
    Undergrad: Roger Williams University
    Med School: UMass
    Interests: Painting, cooking, exploring local food, badminton

  • Lauren Marcov

    Lauren Marcov

    Hometown: Milford, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Dartmouth
    Med School: UMass
    Interests: Athletics, mindfulness, reading, baking, documentaries

  • Conor Robinson

    Conor Robinson

    Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
    Undergrad: St Michael's College
    Med School: UMass
    Interests: Ice hockey, cooking, grilling, music, hiking, strength and conditioning

  • Ryan Schum

    Ryan Schum

    Hometown: Commack, NY
    Undergrad: Tufts
    Med School: Stony Brook
    Interests: Cooking, baking, homebrewing, Tabletop gaming, Bass guitar, ultimate frisbee

Third Year Residents (EM-3)

Third Year Residents (EM-3)

  • Monique Arvisais-Anhalt

    Monique Arvisais-Anhalt

    Hometown: Plattsburgh, N.Y.
    Undergrad: Westminster College
    Med School: SUNY Upstate
    Interests: running, hiking, cooking

  • Nick Bompastore

    Nick Bompastore

    Hometown: Londonderry, N.H.                       
    Undergrad:  Saint Anselm College                             
    Med School:  University of Vermont College of Medicine                   
    Interests: waterskiing, alpine skiing, hiking, mountain biking, playing the cello.

  • Howell Burke

    Howell Burke

    Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
    Undergrad: Davidson College       
    Med School: Tufts               
    Interests: contra dancing, fly-fishing, hiking, history, horseback riding, hunting, photography/writing (portfolio at, playing fiddle, and natural history

  • Ruo Chen

    Ruo Chen

    Hometown: Fuzhou, China   
    Undergrad: Harvard           
    Med School:  UMass Chan Medical School   
    Interests: basketball, cooking, weightlifting, traveling

  • Wilson Huang

    Wilson Huang

    Hometown: Buena Park, Calif. 
    Undergrad: UC San Diego               
    Med School: University of Vermont   
    Interests: hiking, kayaking, basketball, scary movies, making food with friends

  • Kristen Larsen

    Kristen Larsen

    Hometown: Plymouth, Wis.  
    Undergrad: Lewis and Clark College, Portland         
    Med School: Univ of Rochester             
    Interests:  primitive skills practice: traditional archery, blacksmithing, wild food foraging; writing and producing immersive murder mystery events; road and gravel bike cycling; painting and drawing landscape-based abstract works; reading speculative/science fiction; amateur banjo picker.

  • Larry Malincolico

    Larry Malincolico

    Hometown:  Easton, Pa.   
    Undergrad:  Florida State Univ       
    Med School:  Tufts               
    Interests: hiking, camping and kayaking (with a goal to visit every national park in the US); road cycling; ice hockey (former HS player, now just public skating and cheering for the LA Kings); cooking; learning ASL; playing music (currently only bass guitar) and attending concerts; spending time with my wife, daughter and two cats

  • Eddie Shin

    Eddie Shin

    Hometown:  Livingston, N.J./Seoul, Korea   
    Undergrad:  Cornell             
    Med School:  Tufts         
    Interests:  coffee: coffee bean roasting, pour-overs, espressos, latte art (in progress!); reading: I read both Korean and English books. Recent favorites were Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom and 8 Words: The Attitude by which we Approach Life by Woong-Hyun Park; exercise: I regularly go to the gym and I play in both a recreational basketball league and with friends.

  • Reese Smith

    Reese Smith

    Hometown: Columbus, Ohio   
    Undergrad: Cornell                     
    Med School: Wright State   
    Interests: painting, travel, hiking, hot yoga, rock climbing, running, foosball

  • Ryan Tressel

    Ryan Tressel

    Hometown: Pembroke, Mass.
    Undergrad:  UMass Amherst                         
    Med School:  NY Med           
    Interests: tennis, hiking, piano, Boston sports teams, cooking.

  • Schyla Wante

    Schyla Wante

    Hometown: Methuen, Mass.   
    Undergrad: UMass Amherst         
    Med School: UMass Chan Medical School       
    Interests: I was trained in all dance styles from childhood through college. I competed on local, national, and international levels. I continued through college as a member of a professional tap dance company.  I also enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, beach going, visiting local restaurants and craft breweries, and DIY projects.

  • John Zhang

    John Zhang

    Hometown: Malden, Mass.   
    Undergrad: UMass Boston     
    Med School: Tufts University   
    Interests: video gaming, basketball, movies/TV, automobile maintenance, hair styling/cutting