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Emergency Ultrasound

Established in 2002, the Division of Emergency Ultrasound at UMASS has grown to one of the largest and most productive in the country.

Clinical Ultrasound

The ultrasound program at UMASS is unique in our workflow. We not only oversee the point of care ultrasound operations at all four of our campuses, but each and every ultrasound examination performed is reviewed within 24 hours Monday through Friday by one of our fellowship trained faculty for purposes of quality assurance and educational feedback. Across all campuses, we perform and review over 15,000 exams annually.


The division of ultrasound provides over 300 hours of didactic and hands on ultrasound training per year to medical students, residents, fellows and attending faculty. We provide training not only in the core EM ultrasound topics but also in advanced topics including soft tissue and musculoskeletal ultrasound, advanced echocardiography and lung, ocular ultrasound and more. Our residents graduate the three year program with an average ultrasound experience of over 1000 exams.


Members of the division of ultrasound have published extensively in the field of point of care ultrasound, with emphasis on ultrasound in management of soft tissue infections as well as non invasive hemodynamic monitoring with ultrasound. UMASS currently serves as the primary site for the national REASON network’s investigation into ultrasound in cardiac arrest.

International Outreach

The Ultrasound division has been involved in multiple international programs, including training of providers in rural Uganda and more recently through outreach at a Pediatric Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This educational program, involving site visits with hands on training as well as remote oversight of ultrasound imaging has served to train the physician staff of Angkor Hospital for Children in the practice of bedside ultrasound in the care of their emergency and critical care patients. UMASS faculty are currently working closely with this group in a research initiative to investigate predictive value for severity of illness in Dengue Fever.  


Timothy Gleeson, MD, Division Director

Robert Lindsay, MD, Ultrasound Fellowship Director

David Polan, MD, FACEP, Director of Clinical Ultrasound, Memorial Campus

Alex Nordberg, MD, Ultrasound Faculty

Michael Hill, MD, Ultrasound Faculty

Ari Nalbandian, MD, Ultrasound Faculty

Monica Kapoor, MD, Ultrasound Faculty

Romolo Gaspari, MD, PhD. Senior Division Member, Executive Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine

For more information about our Emergency Ultrasound Division, please visit our division website hereL