International Emergency Medicine and Global Health

Benjamin Terry, MD - Fellowship Director

International Emergency Medicine and Global Health is one of the younger divisions within the Department of Emergency Medicine.  The promotion of global health through basic and emergency medical care, research and training is anything but new at UMass however.  Our residents and faculty bring a wealth of experience in international settings and are engaged in projects around the world.  Research, teaching and service projects are currently underway in countries such as the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Uganda and Sri Lanka among others.  

The goals of the division are several and include being a resource for global health initiatives, creating partnerships across departments and UMass campuses, and creating academic opportunities for people in the department.  Moving forward I hope we can thoughtfully evaluate our service and training activities and continue our development of the curriculum in the International Emergency Medicine Fellowship.  In collaboration with other UMass departments, we are entering into a relationship with the Global Health Alliance and HEART (Health Education and Relief Through Teaching) to send faculty and residents to Liberia in support of rebuilding the health care system and training health care providers. 

An International Emergency Medicine Fellowship is now available. 

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