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Loss & Grief


Below is a list of support networks to help you with different types of loss and grief. To learn more, click the different links.

Compassionate Friends - Supporting Family After a Child Dies:
The Compassionate Friends offers over 600 chapters around the country. In small towns and large cities, bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents meet together to talk, listen, share, and provide each other emotional support after the devastating death of a child. When you attend chapter sessions, you won’t find professionals running the meetings and giving advice. We are not therapists and we do not provide counseling. Everyone will be just like you – someone who is going through the natural grieving process.

Hope Floats Healing and Wellness Center - Kingston, MA
A bereavement and educational center for individuals and families who are grieving or facing other life challenges. 

Pieta Support Group for Bereaved Parents - Pieta is an ongoing peer led support group for bereaved parents. Anyone who has experienced the death of a child is welcome to attend. This group provides a safe place for parents to come and share their pain and loss with other bereaved parents in a non-judgmental atmosphere. No matter how long it has been, or the age when one has to bury a son or daughter, the loss is profound and brings about significant changes in family life. We welcome parents of any faith to join us. Topics will cover all aspects of grieving.