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$500 – $999

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Anonymous (2)
Accu Trak Tool Corp.
Robert S. Adler, Esq.
Jane D. Adolph, in memory of Ted and Marjorie Deitz
Advantage Funding Management Co. Inc.
Neal Silverman and Julie Agapite
Lois and Robert Alenson
Brenda Alexander and John L. Alexander, MD’97 R’98 R’01
Loreen A. Ali, MD’95 R’00 F’02, and Omar A. Ali, MD R’99 F’02
Allco Donuts, LLC
Linda D. Allen
Jack Allison
Caroline J. Alper, MD’93 R’96, and Eric J. Alper, MD’93 R’96
Marcia Amaral and Edward Amaral, MD
America’s Heroes Fund
Jasmine Akakpo and Eunice A. Ampiaw, MD’93 R’96
Francesca and Thomas Antognini P’15
Armstrong World Industries
Linda E. Arslanian
Arlene S. Ash, PhD
Leah V. Asofsky
Associated Credit Services, Inc.
Vincenzo Astrella


Mr. Stephen Bachelder
Bancroft School
Katherine Kimbrell, MD, and Kenneth I. Barron, MD’04 R’09
Elenie C. Bartzokis, MD’86 R’89
Frances and Joseph Bassett
Francis P. Bastien
Margaret Bastien
Durga Bathini, MD R’04, and Venu Bathini, MD F’06
Marc Beaudoin
Sharon M. Bednarek
Wendy J. Bellerive
Benoit Language Services
Jean M. Siddall-Bensson, MD’00, and Steven Bensson, MD
Mari M. Bentley, MD’97, and Chris Bentley
Deborah and Theodore Berberian
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bernhard, Hycliff Foundation
Mary F. Baker-Berzansky, MD’89 R’93, and S. Scott Berzansky, MD’89 R’93
Melanie Bilazarian and Seth D. Bilazarian, MD’86
Christine Rooney, MD’95 R’98, and Jonathan Bird
Blackstone Productions, Inc.
Casey Bloomer, PNP, and James A. Bloomer, MD’87
Sarah and Joshua Bock
Kimberly L. Bodenlos, MD’15
David M. Boland, MD’78 R’80
Steven R. Bott
Erin and Jeff Bourdon
Marie Rose Boutin, MS12, RN, and Roger Boutin
Joshua A. Boyce, MD
Adrienne Bradley, MD R’88
Susan Bream and Richard A. Bream, MD R’80
Brian K. Bredvik, MD
Joanna Buffington, MD’88, MPH, and Dean Brook
Brookfields’ Lions Club
Elaine Beilin, PhD, and Robert Brown Jr., DPhil, MD
Natalie and James Bruce
Kelly and Anthony Brunetti
Nicholas Bruno, MD
Brush It Off LLC
Mary and Richard Burke
Kristin M. Burns, MD’04
Susan Burstein and Alan S. Burstein, MD’79
Jocelyn Burwick
Linda and Jeffrey Bussgang


Susannah Cahillane
Donna and Richard Caira
Hon. and Mrs. Robert B. Calagione
William J. Callahan, MD’83
Camosse Family Foundation, Inc.
Camosse Masonry Supply, Inc.
Tanya Campbell, MD’05
Canopies for Kids
Chris Caputo
John F. Carlson
Carolyn Carroll, MD, and James W. Carroll, MD’89 R’90
Jeremi M. Carswell, MD’00 R’06, and Brett M. Carswell, MD’00 R’02 R’06
Christine Castle and John M. Castle, MD R’94
Jackie L. Caynon III
CentMass Association of Physicians
Central Massachusetts Otolaryngology
Jan Cerny, MD, PhD R’06 F’09
Judith Harding and Richard E. Chaisson, MD’82
Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society
Chandler Pediatrics
Theresa and Wo Chang P’16
Lana S. Chen
Michele M. Chetham, MD R’91, and Paul M. Chetham, MD’85 R’88
Nancy Chin, MD P’00, and Lang Chin P’00
Jennifer and Christopher Chiota
Theodora Christopher, MD’75
Anne and Robert Claise
John J. Cloherty, MD’93, MPH
Ellen S. Cloutier
Coca Cola Bottling Company
Philip A. Cohen, MD F’09
Paul L. Colasanti
Darragh F. Coleman
Commerce Bank
Bruce E. Condit, MD’00
Kim A. Basu, MD’97 R’00, and Gerald F. Conner, MD R’01
Darryl Conte Jr., PhD
Christine M. Coughlin
Sally and William Coughlin
Country Club Lounges & Restaurant, Inc.
CPR Medical Devices Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crawford III
Crusin’ For Chris, Inc.
Crystal Club Charity Open
Tracy Cushing, MD, MPH, and Matthew S. Cushing, MD’00
Donald R. Czerniach, MD


Dance Sensation LLC
Data Guide Cable Corp
Sarah and Dix Davis P’03
Mary Ellen Davis, PhD P’16, and Steven Davis, MD P’16
Darlene K. DeCaire
Theodore and Marjorie M. Deitz Fund
Ethan S. Brackett, MD’99, and Dave Demerjian
Wayne Denio
Benjamin Detenber
Gail Dickson
Digitas, Inc.
Ellen and Joseph DiLauro
Cheryl Dillman
Chris Dimambro
Christopher M. Doehlert
Jan G. Dohlman, MD’79 P’11
Erik Domingues, MD’10 R’14
Mary Dooley and J. Thomas Dooley, MD’94 R’97
John E. Doran
Lisa Dowell and Mark E. Dowell, MD’85
Catherine Doyle and Daniel M. Doyle, MD’78
The Dry Cleaner by Val, Inc.
Andrew J. Duffy, MD’96 R’03
Timothy R. Dugan
Durand & Anastas Environmental Strategies
Sally Duval
Dynawave, Inc.


Jennifer J. Eddy, MD’95
Helena K. Edwards, MD’80
William T. Edwards, MD’75, PhD
Chris & Jean Egan Foundation Trust
Chris and Jean Egan
Elemental Media (The Connection)
EnerNOC, Inc.
Emily Engie
Enos Home Oxygen Therapy Inc.
Excalibur Fund


F and G Construction Co., Inc.
Falmouth Hospital Medical Staff
Susan and William Farr
Anne Marie and Kevin Farragher
Elaine and David Feingold
Andrea J. Fribush, MD’89, and Mitchell Feldman, MD
Mrs. Nancy Edman Feldman P’00
Mary Munson, PhD and Mr. Mark Finkelstein
First Bristol Corporation
Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd
Mary and James Fitzpatrick
John J. Flanagan, MD’08 R’12
Flatout Motorsports, Inc.
Allen W. Fletcher
Justin L. Fletcher
FLEXcon Company, Inc.
Nancy N. Flynn
Foley & Lardner LLP
Michael Fong
Patricia M. Fontaine
Food Addiction Institute
Patrick D. Ford
Debra A. Fox
Stephanie and Shawn Freeman
Lizett Frias
Glenn W. Frohring
Jenna Fukuda
Elaine Fuller and Joseph E. Fuller Jr., MD’80
Janet Chua, MD P’17, and Robert Fusunyan, MD P’17


Elaine Gacek and Richard Gacek, MD
Denis Gallagher
Jeanne Gallagher
Maggi Mavroudis-Gardner and Christopher Gardner
Paul C. Gaudet
Kathleen and Paul Gauthier
Mimi Thein, MD, and Marc A. Gautreau, MD R'96 R'99 F'01
Tobie and Alan Geller P’07
Lena E. Dohlman-Gerhart, MD’77, MPH, and Tobin Gerhart, MD
Roslinde M. Collins-Gibbard, MD’94, and Michael Gibbard
Sheila C. Girouard
Elizabeth Gittinger, MD’01
Carol and Edward Glick
Jane and Peter Goedecke
Mary E. Sullivan, DNP’10, and Asher Goldberg
Kate and Larry Gomes
Lisa T. Canter, MD R’98, and Jeffrey A. Gordon, MD’93 R’96 F’99
Deborah DeMarco, MD, FACP, and Joel M. Gore, MD R’82
Ann and Gregory Gotta P’16
Kara Eastwood, MD’00, and Daniel Grace, MD’00
Grafton Hillers
Gray Media, Inc.
Richard E. Grazer, MD’79
Greater Boston Radio, Inc.
Myrth York and David Green
Tessa J. Lafortune-Greenberg, MD’02 R’05, and Mark Greenberg
Deborah M. Grorud, MD’04, and Eric Grorud
Amy Gross
Eric Grossman
Alexandra Gruner
Bill Guerin
Joseph Guertin
Maurissa A. Guibord, MD’92, and Ronald S. Guibord, MD’92


C. Russell Hansen Jr.
Joseph R. Hanslip
Nancy M. Hanslip
Gloria M. Hanson
Ronnie Harrington P’16
Drs. Lynn and Lura Harrison
Eileen Harrity
Andrea S. Marvin, MD’04, and Charles Hatchette
Linda Wang, MD P’17, and Kenan Haver, MD P’17
Heald & Chiampa Funeral Directors
Healthnet Systems Consulting, Inc.
Elizabeth and James Healy
Margaret Heffron
Carolyn J. Heineman, PhD
Wendy Heineman
Mark F. Henry, MD’78 R’83
Akiko Hirose-Silver
Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Hirsh
Don and Nancy Hodes
Barbara Holgerson and William B. Holgerson, MD’75
Linda Hope
Kelly Hoye, MD, and James P. Hoye, MD’87
Gwen Busby, PhD, and Andrew W. Hoyer, MD’00
James Hughes
Susan M. MacDonald, MD’80, and David Herron, PhD
Virginia Burn and Raymond E. Hubbe, MD’88
Kathryn E. Reilly, MD’79, and Stephen Hull Jr., PhD
Francis and Sharon Hylka
Megan and Colin Hynes


Hayley Iben
IBM International Foundation
Infinity Medical Research, Inc.
Don Irving
Eliza Ivanova


J & R Realty Trust
Ron Jacques
Lawrence Jaeger
Eugenie Jaffe and Michael J. Jaffe, MD’95
Marguerite M. Brackley, MD’00, and Kunal Jajoo
Wendy Stead, MD’97, and John J. Jakimczyk, MD’97 R’01
Margaret T. Lee, MD’97 R’01, and Hugo Jauregui, MD
Sherry and John Jepsen
Hazel A. Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson
Carol and William Jones
Lee and Steve Joseph
Shari Joyce and Maurice F. Joyce III, MD’10


Marie Hobart, MD, and William Kadish, MD
Janet Kallio
Jaimie Kane, MD’03 R’06
Joseph J. Kapitulik
Carolyn M. Clancy, MD’79 R’82, and Bill Kaplan
Kenneth H. Kaplan, MD
Ruth A. Karchenes
Patricia Kasturi and Vijay Kasturi, MD
David E. Katz, MD R’80
Paul D. Kaufman, PhD
Jason Kauppi
Kathryn Kaye and Barry N. Kaye, MD’80 R’83
Mary Ellen Kayer
Rachel Keis, MD’01, and Matthew Keis
Jennifer Kellogg and Adam R. Kellogg, MD’04
Ingrid Kendall and Lee G. Kendall Jr., MD’81
Parker S. Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Suzy and James Kennedy
William B. Kerr
Robert L. Kilroy
Karen* and John D. King
Judith Kleinerman, MD’89
Kristine M. Reid, MD’95, and Curtis Kloc
Carole Kluger and Neil Kluger, MD
Andrei Korostelev, PhD
Timothy Kowalik, PhD
Jennifer Kremer and Ted Kremer, MD
Martha and William Kuklinski
Shivani Kumar
Marsha A. Kunin


L&S - Boule Insurance Agency, Inc.
Peter P. LaCamera, MD’97
Lactation Services LLC
Linda and Joseph LaMalva
Susan and Julian Lange P’09
Language Line, LLC
JoAnne and Jeffrey Lavin
Kathleen and Dean Leistikow Fund
Kathleen H. Leistikow, MD’90, and Dean Leistikow
Lent Family Fund
Barbara Levine and Douglas S. Levine, MD’79
H. Aaron Levy
Jane A. Lochrie, MD’83
Mary and Richard Logan
Carlos Lois, MD, PhD
Anne L. Lougee
Joseph Lowrance
Crystal and Vincent Lucchesi
Leslie and David Lynch P’12
Linda Lysiak and Paul L. Lysiak, MD’89


MacDonald Family Fund
Wendy and Lane MacDonald
Mariusz Macko
Karla Mahoney and Thomas M. Mahoney, MD’94
Nancy Mangano and Anthony Mangano Jr.
Karen Rothman, MD, and Gordon Manning, MD
Mariann Manno, MD, and Vincent P. Manno, ScD
Frances F. Mansfield Fund
Audrey Kurlan-Marcy and Michael Marcy
Lynn Goldsmith and Peter Mark
Damon Markowski
Marlborough Savings Bank
Marois Gift Fund
Gloria and Normand Marois
Emma Louise Marrone Memorial Fund
Lisa Martin
Christopher A. Marvelli, MD’96
Paul F. Marx
Linda Masterman
Masterman’s, LLP
Mathis Pfohl Foundation
Craig J. Ceol, PhD, and Ms. Kirsten V. Mayer
Musa and Thomas Mayer
Adrienne Mayo
Francis P. Mazzone
McClelland Foundation
Jacquelyn and George McClelland
Judith and William McClurg
Joan M. McDonagh, MD’95 R’98, and Robert McDonagh
Elizabeth McDonald and Richard McDonald Sr.
Rita L. McGill, MD’85, and A. Thomas McGill, MD’85
Elizabeth McInnis and John J. McInnis Jr., MD’86 R’91
Nancy McKay and David A. McKay, MD’85, FACOG
Mischa McLachlan
Tara McManus
Richard K. McNally, MD’87
Eileen Measley and Robert E. Measley Jr., MD’84
Carrie Medeiros and Leonard J. Medeiros, MD’80
Ruthann Melancon
Rosina M. Mele, MD’95
Curtis J. Mello, MD’89 R’95
Stefany Mendez
Cesar Merida
Jennifer E. O’Neil, PhD’04, and Eric L. Merithew, PhD’04
Max Micciulla
Millbury Savings Bank
Melinda J. Morin, MD’90, and David Miller
Dixie J. Mills, MD’84, and Alex Mills
Kathy Petersen, RN P’16, and David Milstone, MD, PhD P’16
Patricia A. Mitchell
DonnaMarie Mitchell and Russell K. Mitchell, MD’94
Mobile Home Service Center, Inc.
Diane C. Mohieldin
Susan H. Hou, MD’75, and Mark Moltich, MD
Cynthia and Ralph Montalvo
Montoni Family Fund
Suzanne Moquin-Tonelli
Morgan Stanley
Katherine Moriarty and Richard P. Moriarty, MD’75
Eunice and Walter Morrison
Errol S. Mortimer, MD
Michele K. Mudgett, MD’80
Marie Mullen, MD
Patricia C. Mullins, MD’98, and Mark Mullins
Patricia M. Bailey, MD’80, and Richard Murray
Kristine and Brian Mushnick
Michele C. Parker, MD’90, and Michael Mutchler, MD


Susan Nadler P’13 and Arnold Nadler, DDS P’13
Resmi Nair, DMD
Carolann Najarian, MD, and K. George Najarian
Stephanie Nazarey and Pradeep Nazarey, MD R’07
Jane Newburger, MD, MPH P'08, and Peter Newburger, MD P'08
Walter Nishioka
North Yarmouth Academy
Northridge Development, LLC
Notre Dame Academy


Kevin O’Brien
Brendan and Claire O'Connor Charitable Fund
Anne O’Connor and James W. O’Connor III, MD’81
Kevin F. O’Connor Sr.
Yong Ae You P’17 and Hoon Sup Oh P’17
Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
Olympus America Inc.
OMG, Inc.
Only Silver
Patti Onorato, MS’93, RN
Kristen and Daniel O’Rourke
Michael C. Ortolano


Kevin E. Paicos
AnnMarie and Frank Palermo
Gregg S. Pappas
George T. Paradise
Dale A. Parenteau
Judith Taylor Patel and Baloo Patel
Janice Patel P’16 and Jehangir Patel, MD P’16
Patrick’s Motor Mart, Inc.
Joanne H. Patton
Elyssa Aronson Pellish, MD’01, and Randall S. Pellish, MD’01
Adrienne L. Butler, MD’77, and William Pelz
Pepper’s Fine Foods Catering
Carlos Perez
Georgia Perros
Dylan Perry
John R. Person, MD
Cynthia and Timothy Petersen
Andrea A. Pettinato, MD’98, and Paul J. Pettinato, MD’98
Elizabeth Pfohl and James Pfohl
Nancy Phelan Shea
John Phelan
Florence Pickens and Samuel Pickens, MD
Paul A. Pollastri
Barbara A. Poremba, EdD, MPH, RNCS, ANP, PMC’96
Bonnie Reid Prescott
Colby A. Previte, MD’04, and Gregory J. Previte, MD’04
Pamela Provo and Christopher Provo, RFC, CRPC
Polly and Duncan Pyle P’15


Qiagen, Inc.
Beth Quenzel-Shirman
Winifred Quick
Robert M. Quinlan, MD


Richard J. Rafferty Jr., PC
Yvonne H. Ting, MD’97, and Christopher Rasmussen
Henri Rauschenbach
Earlene Ray
Marianne Read
Michael Reck
Harry C. Redkey
William H. Reisner Foundation
Anne Renda
Renee Systems, Inc.
Kerry Reynolds P’18 and Jason Reynolds, MD P’18
Kevin F. Reynolds
Nancy Rice and Peter Rice, MD
Bethany Ringiewicz and Mark A. Ringiewicz, MD’81
Joyce M. Sabulis Ripley
Lisa and R. Scott Robb
Robeco Investment Management, Inc.
Reid and Sue Roberts
Ellison and D. Clay Robinson
James L. Robo
Michael J. Rocha, MD’02
Hayden B. Rockson, MD’15
Melody J. Cunningham, MD’94 R’98, and Michael J. Rohrer, MD R’88
Faye and Bert Romm
Roofers Union Local 33
Nancy Rosenberg and Benjamin N. Rosenberg, MD’86 R’88 R’92
Scott L. Rosenzweig, MD’93
Ada Rosmarin and Alan Rosmarin, MD
Sandra Rothschild
William Rousseau
Teresa and Steven Rusconi


Pamela Sacco and Frank D. Sacco, MD’80
Linda Sagor, MD, MPH P’12, and Mark Sagor P’12
Julie and Andrew Salmon
Steven D. Salt, MD’81
John R. Samia
Heena P. Santry, MD’00, and Francis Santry Jr.
Saw Mill Auto Wreckers
Sarah Schneider and Jeffrey Schneider, MD’99
Sarah and Jeff Schneider Family Fund
Kerri P. Schray, PhD’99
Anne T. Fox, MD’97, and Samuel Schumacher Jr.
Laura L. Scoville, MD’85
Jonathan H. Seder, Esq.
Dana E. Zalkind, MD’90, and Steven Seigel
Christina Seiler and Gregory R. Seiler, MD’94 R’97
Aarti Sekhar, MD’05
Cynthia G. King, MD’02, and Lon J. Setnik, MD’02
Jennifer and Timothy Shay
Heidi and Mark Shea P’10
Yvonne Shelton, MD, and Michael Shelton
Rebecca C. Carrigan Shore, MD’99 R’04, and Jeremy M. Shore, MD’98 R’03
Rita Shridharani, MD’06, and Anand Shridharani, MD’06
Vickie Shurmur, PhD, and Scott W. Shurmur, MD’85
Elizabeth Siber and Andrew M. Siber, MD’03 R’07
Kathleen A. Trotta, MD’81, and David G. Sidebottom, MD’80 R’83
Marshall Silverman
Tiffany A. Moore-Simas, MD’00 R’04, MPH, MEd, and Brett Simas
Irene Papamitrou and Thomas T. Simopoulos, MD’95
Nirali P. Singh, MD’97, and Jonathan M. Singh, MD’97
Elizabeth T. Siraco, MD’94 R’97, and Steven F. Siraco, MD’92 R’95
Matthew Sloan, MD’15
Barbara and Dennis Smith
Marc G. Sondheimer
Jie Song, PhD
Lynda Young, MD, and Robert Sorrenti, MD
Irakli Soulakvelidze, MD
South Worcester County Service
Judith A. Spaulding
Elizabeth M. Speed, MD’05
Karen Spinelli
St. Mary’s Credit Union
Jordan Staal
Torry and Derek Stamm
Sandra R. Stankus
Justine Stedman and George H. Stedman, MD’82 R’84
Deborah E. Steinberg
Amy Karp and Lawrence Stern, PhD
Sally Lee Stern, PhD
Mary Stevens
Judith and Donald Stoddard
Steven Stowe
Struck Catering
Mrs. John D. Stubbs
Deirdre Stultz-Tully
James D. Sullivan, MD’87
Eileen Sutherland and William S. Sutherland, MD’84
Cheryl Santagate-Sutton and Brian P. Sutton, MD’91, FACEP
Todd Switzer
Symetra Financial


Vanessa Mitchell and Jonathan Tarlin
Michelle Tarpy and Robert E. Tarpy, MD’88
Taylor Exhibition Services, Ltd
Tewksbury Country Club Charitable Foundation
Vijaya M. Thomas
Tighe-Hamilton Funeral Home
Julia K. Yoshida, MD’81, and Claudio Topolcic
Phyllis J. Troia, MD’80
Nancy Tumolo P’11 and John M. Tumolo, MD R’85 P’11


UMMHC OB/GYN Department
Unitil Service Corporation


Olga Valdman, MD’09
Deborah and Richard Van Nostrand
Kathleen and Karl Vandenboom
Virginia and Alden Vaughan
Voya Foundation
Matthew Vrees


Janelle Wagstaff
Carol J. Walsh, MS’98, RN, and William Walsh, MD
Mary Lee, MD, and James Wang, MD
Elizabeth and Joseph Weintraub
Diane Wespiser and Robert P. Wespiser, MD’83 R’86
Westboro Toyota, Inc.
Western Security Real Estate, Inc.
Hester N. Wetherell Trust
Lynn and Giles Whalen
Mary E. Wheat
Karen B. Harvey-Wilkes, MD’83, and Joseph Wilkes
Marina F. Rodriguez, MD’79, and Rick Whiteman
Kathryn Wiseman, MD’95, and Richard A. Wiseman, MD’95
Patricia J. Wood
Harold Davis Woodbury Fund
Worcester North District Massachusetts Medical Society
Worcester Urological Associates, Inc.


Maureen and Dr. Joseph Yamin P’03 P’09
Baw-Chyr and Fun-Sun Yao
Janet and Robert Yesue
Terry Young and Robert Young, MD


Carey L. Zammitti
Robert S. Zarum, MD’92 R’01

This list reflects gifts made to UMass Chan Medical School and/or UMass Memorial Health Care between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

Couples with different last names are listed alphabetically according to the second name, e.g., Jane Doe and John Smith will be listed by Smith.

Organizations are listed alphabetically.

Foundation names that include an individual’s name are listed alphabetically by the individual’s last name, e.g., The Jane Doe Charitable Foundation will be listed by Doe.

* deceased in FY15

Soutter Washburn Fellow (cumulative lifetime giving of $1M+)

Fellow (cumulative lifetime giving of $100,000 to $999,999) 

Hudson Hoagland Society

Leadership donor (cumulative gifts of $500+ to one or more Annual Funds)

 20+ consecutive years of giving

◇ 10+ consecutive years of giving