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$250 – $499

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3 Squares
The 972 Military Police Company


Anonymous (2)
Monica and Charles Abdella
Anne Cellucci Adams and Craig Adams
Susan A. Afonso, MD’85 R’90, and Rui Afonso
Jeremy Aidlen, MD R’06
Carolyn and Mark Ain
Mark S. Ain Fund
Kyneret H. Albert, MD’97 R’00, and David A. Albert, MD’96 R’00 F’02
Jessica L. Albino
Roberta and Keith Alera
All For Art
American Bakers Association
American Biomedical Corp.
American College of Physicians
American Express Foundation
Karen Anderson and Stephen C. Anderson, MD’97
George A. Anusauskas
Kegvart Arakelian
Sarah J. Arnold
Jennifer and Raymond Artura
Jean Ash and Joseph Ash Jr.
Barbara L. Asselin, MD R’84, and Dennis A. Asselin, MD R’84
Auburn Vision Center Inc.
Lisa Audette
Amy Azarow


Alan Babigian, MD’94 R’99 F’01
Barbara M. Bacon
Charles D. Baker
Marguerite and Peter Baril
Jane H. Baron, MS’94, RN, PMC’96
Barre Savings Bank
Shannon Basile
James E. Bates
Lisa Battista and Brian J. Battista, MD’79
Tracy L. Kedian, MD’96 R’99, and Jeffrey Baxter, MD R99
Karen Bean and Stephen A. Bean, MD R’93
Sandra M. Beavan
Paula A. Beaver, MS, NNP-BC, PMC’03, and Dale Beaver
Barbara L. Beck
Marybeth Bedrosian, MEd P’15, and Richard Bedrosian, PhD P’15
Deborah and David Begin
Greg Bell
Kristin V. Bell
Patricia and Joseph Benedict
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Kenneth J. Berger
Berkshire Farm Center
Debra Higgins and William G. Berndt, MD’97 R’00 F’03, PhD
Max L. Bernstein
Joan L. Bertonazzi
Joe-Henry Berube
Patricia A. Berwaldt
Bevtek, Inc.
Jon Blodgett
BNY Mellon
Paula D. Bohigian, RN
Wanita Kumar, MD’94, and Christopher M. Bohyer, MD’98
Marc D. Bolduc
Sheila Borek
Boston Public Health Commission
Carol A. Bova, PhD, MS’88, RN, ANP, and Frank Bova
Julie Bowditch
Jeffrey G. Brantley, MD
Katrina and George Breen
Christopher Brennan
Kim Brenner
Carrie Breschi
Anne Cushing-Brescia, MD’86, and David Brescia
Broad View Heights
James E. Broda
David S. Brown, MD
Sara Buckingham and H. Paul Buckingham III
Nancy and Thomas Buckingham
Nancy Buffone
Elsa and Davis Burton


Joanna M. Cain, MD
Sheela Calhoun and William I. Calhoun, MD’83
Linda S. Calimeris
Cambium Corp.
Robert Canning, MD
Ann and Jeffrey Caplan
Attilio Capponi
Amory Carr
Cecilia M. Carroll
Kavita Babu, MD F’06, and James E. Carroll, MD R’13
Lynette F. Cavanaugh
Rosemarie Cellucci
Susan Mailman and Jim Chapdelaine
Charlton Fence Company
Joanna and Scott Chaurette
Chaves Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
Cherry Valley American Legion Post 443
Paul G. Chicos
Child Health Associates, PC
Aram V. Chobanian, MD
Kathryn Christo, BSN, RN
Hyun Kee Chung, MD
George A. Clark
Marilyn Clark, MD P’13
Nancy Sheard and Nathaniel G. Clark, MD’88
Carolyn Clark and Paul R. Clark, MD’79
Cindy Climer, MS’96, RN, and Charles Climer Jr.
Paul Coelho
Rebecca and Nathan Cohen
Frank J. Cole
Sharon Collins and Sean T. Collins, PhD’09, MS’94, RN, PMC’96
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Alison and James Connolly P’10
Dorothy Connor
Maureen Connor, RN P’13, and James Connor P’13
Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
Selden F. Cooper
Reynaldo Cordero, MD’91
Jill Cosgrove
Douglas A. Cotanche, PhD
Country Glass Co., Inc.
Richard J. Courtney
Michelle S. Cousineau
Lisa Barthelson and Robert Cox Jr.
Linda J. Cragin, MS
Lynne and Michael Crawford P’17
Karen Crocker and J. Benjamin Crocker, MD’97
Helen Strieder and Stephen Crosby
Joan and William Crosson
Joan and Paul Crowley
Cumberland Machinery Movers, Inc.
Sandra and Mark Cummings
Denyse and Robert Curtis
Cheryl L. Cusson
Elspeth Cypher
Jean Cyr and James P. Cyr, MS’89, RN


Laurel A. Dallmeyer, MD’85
Christine D’Angelo and Henry D’Angelo Jr., MD’92
Kristin L. Dardano, MD’94
Antonette and Edward Davis
Greta Davis P’16 and Jonathan Davis, DMD P’16
Paula S. Davis
Joseph DeAngelis, MD’03
Steven DeBlieck
Megan F. Selvitelli, MD’02 R’06, and Michael A. Dedekian, MD’02 R’06
Molly and George DeMello
Helene and Daniel Demmer
Shelley P. Derby
Elaine G. Desjardins
Lynn and Tom D’Esmond
Serena M. Dettman
Barbara A. Stewart, MD’81 R’84, and Jim Diamond
Kimberly Diaz
Angela Diehl and Scott Diehl, MD
Melissa and Joe DiFonzo
Carrie and Mark Dimond
Cheryl Dionne
Sonia Lewin, MD’85, and Djiby Diop, MD R’91
Richard and Maureen Dodakian
Terence Dougherty
Alicia Downs
Bradlee G. Drabant, MD’02 R’06 F’09
Henry K. Driscoll, MD’81 F’87
Mary E. Drozdal, RN P’17
Judith and Jon Dunsford
Kristen Duplessis
Durand Chevrolet-Oldsmobile, Inc.
Patrick A. Durkee Painting
Dyer Family Foundation


Susan E. Eggett
Dee Ellis
Emergency Temporary housing LLC
Timothy Emhoff, MD


F & M Tool & Die Co., Inc.
Nina Fabiszewski, MD’87 R’88, and Lester Fabiszewski
John M. Fallon II, MD’10
Family Dermatology, P.C.
Family Medical & Maternity Care, P.C.
Kristin M. Farrell, MD’03 R’06
Elizabeth A. Fasy, MD’94
Robert A. Faucette, MD’79
Caroline Favulli
Susan G. Findlay
Charles Fiorino
First Congregational Society
Karin A. Fitch
Margaret Fletcher
Rebecca A. Foley, MS’15, RN, and Paul Foley
Brenda Fonseca
Barbara Forrester-Landis
Michael Francis, PhD
Frank Hanley Plumbing
Jonathan Frost


David P. Gadbois, Esq.
Christine Gaffney
Noel and David Gale
Christine Galica P’10 P’16 and Michael Galica, MD P’10 P’16
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Dina Gaudette and Gerald Gaudette III
Amy G. Gavalis
Robert A. Gayewski Sr.
Kathie Gemme
Nicholas G. Genes, MD, PhD’05
Adele and Ralph Gentry
Laura L. Gibson, MD’93 F’01, and Peter Gibson
J. Reid Gilmore, PhD
Judith Powell and Mitch J. Gitkind, MD’85 R’88
Jennifer A. Glickman, MS’99, RN, and James Glickman
Diane Gniadek
Dori Goldberg, MD’03 R’04 R’07 F’08
Meredith Goodman and Jeffrey W. Goodman, MD’00
Jody L. Goodro
The Gordon Family Fund
Samuel Gordon
Phil Gormley
Jessica Castro and Robert Gottsche
Monica Gow
Jill and Mark Grady
Debra Graham
Julia M. Gallagher, MD’95 R’99, and Jonathan Grayzel, MD R’96 R’01
Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society
Janice Greenberg P’17 and Elliot Greenberg, MD P’17
Elizabeth and James Greene
Margaret and Richard* Grenier
Divina Grossman, PhD, and Joel Grossman, PhD
Praveen B. Gulati, MD R’83, and Subhash C. Gulati, MD R’81
Harold W. Gurwitz
Roger J. Guyett
GVC Construction Inc.


Katrina and Jason Haberland
Susan A. Halloran
Todd Halloran
Charles D. Hamad, PhD P’18
Adele and Brian Hamilton
George W. Hanson Trust
Mary E. Harbeck
Allison M. Hargreaves, MD’06 R’09
Dorothy P. Harris
Carolynn Harrison and Thomas A. Harrison, MD’80
Theodore R. Hartenstein, MD’06
Lois Hatch
Hathaway & Associates, LLC
Health Alliance Medical Staff
HealthAlliance Hospitals Inc.
Lisa and David Henry
Kim and Dean Hickey
Frances M. Hinteregger, MD’76, and George Hinteregger
Christine Hirsemann, MD’00, and Andreas Hirsemann
Christian Hoffman
Kristen Hogan
Holden Hills Country Club Tuesday Night Ladies Golf League
Horace N. Holland
Carol and Thomas Holmes
Travis Hom
Lawrence M. Horwitz
Hudson Appliance Center, Inc.
Jane Swift and Charles Hunt III
Robin Hussey
Kimberly Hynes and Peter J. Hynes, MD’05


Interstate Specialty Products
ISS Sutherland International Ltd.


Matthew Jacobs
Vanessa C. Jacobsohn, MD’05
Vithal S. Jathar
Cathy and George Jewell
Peter Joftis
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Kirt Johnson
Carol Johnston
Colleen Finnegan, MD’90, and Lacey Johnston
Patrick Jones
Joy-Den Jewelers
Juniper Farms
Kimberly Juric and Gordon Juric, MD’88
Just Paint Studio


Debra Kagan and Steven A. Kagan, MD’90
Ellen S. Kaitz, MD*
Hema Kalyanam
Danielle D. Kaplan, MD’03, and Jess L. Kaplan, MD’05
Joyce L. Karchmar
Joseph P. Karpicz, MD’90 R’95
Sahira N. Kazanjian, MD’88, and Powel Kazanjian, MD
Lawrence M. and Augusta L. Keeler Fund
Gretchen L. Kelley, MD’93 R’96, and Michael Kelley
Catherine Kelly
Frank B. Kelly
Jack Kelly
Patricia Kelly and John J. Kelly, MD’92 R’97 F’98
Kelly’s Property Services, LLC
Anthony M. Kemp
Kevin Kennedy
Humera Y. Khan
Sallyann and Bruce King
Sharon F. Levy, MD’80, and Elio Kingbo
David A. Klein, MD R’97
Audrey Klopp, PhD, RN
Christine E. Klucznik, DNP’14 MS’96, RN, and Kenneth Klucznik
Victoria L. Pillard, MD’92, and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
Ms. Sophia Kogan
Catherine Krendel and Steven I. Krendel, MD’94 R’97
Suniti Kumar, MD’97
Karen Kurkulonis and John Kurkulonis Jr.


Sarah J. Laduzenski, MD’05
Suzanne and Paul LaFleur
Mark Lancelotta
Amy and Francis Langlois
Geralyn and Gregory Lano
Nahall Larsen, OD, and Michael Larsen, OD
Caitlin A. Lauer, MD’15
Allen M. Laws
Francis Lazarus
Rebecca S. Lee, MD’02, and Kenneth Lee
Robert E. Leist
Sandra Paris Lemanski and Michael J. Lemanski, MD’83
Rachael and Michael Leonard
Janet Leone P’10 and Robert G. Leone, MD’77 R’78 P’10
Patricia A. DiCroce, MD’89, and Michael W. Levangie, MD’89
Tamiko H. Kido, MD’00, and Nicholas Levine, MD
Gail and Peter Lewenberg
Tarajean and Chip Lewis
Roderick W. Lewin, DMD
Frances Lieb
Andy Lieberherr
Kathleen and Walter Liljegren
Evelyn and Russell Lindquist
Lisa and Gerald Litchman P’17
Patricia Little, NP P’14, and Douglas Little, PhD P’14
Henry Lopez
Maureen Q. Layden, MD’97, MPH, and John F. Loughnane, MD’98
Susan Ranney-Love and Donald G. Love, MD’87 R’93
Jeremy Luban, MD
Donna Lucardi
Ruth R. Lyddy
Sean Lyons


Dawn MacDonald
Malcolm D. MacKenzie
Sharon Mandell P’13 and Andrew Mandell, JD P’13
Jeanne L. Mandeville
Serafina Mangiafico
MAPA Translations Inc.
Laurie Marino P’14 and Anthony F. Marino, MD’78 R’81 R’83 P’14
Paula Markessinis and Paul Markessinis, MD’83
Christopher A. Marshall, MD’04 R’07
Kathleen Marshall and Paul Marshall, MD
Hannah Martin, MD’15
Linda and Stephen Martin
Lori Martins
Kathryn and Paul Maruszewski
Claudette and Alan Marvelli P’96
Lois A. Mason
Mass Medical Interpreters Association
Lindsay and Patrick Mayhew
Lori A. McAdams
Colleen and Scott McAdams
Mary L. McBride
Paula McCarthy and Robert McCarthy, DVM, DACVS
William McCarthy
Bryna J. McConarty, MD’07
Caroline A. McDonald
Ann E. McGinn
Katherine and Kevin McGovern
William McHale
Joanne Kledaras and William McIlvane, PhD
David McIntyre
David McLaren
Prof. Thomas J. McLaughlin
Eileen A. McStay
Medical Associates Pediatrics, P.C.
Tammie Meisner
Marie and Philip Messina P’14
Metrowest Irrigation Co., Inc.
Denise Michaud
Middlesex Savings Bank
Owen Miller
Carolyn L. Mitchell
Edward J. Mitson
Jennifer B. Modica
Sarah Modine
Alicia N. Mooty
Kristen Moquin and Brian D. Moquin, MD’01 R’04 F’07
Kathryn K. Morcom, MD’10
Philip E. Moreau
Nydia and Charles Moser
Hanno P. Muellner, MD’94
Shannon Mullen
Maria Mulraney
D. Francis Murphy Insurance Agency, Inc.
Dennis T. Murphy, MD’15
Michael P. Murphy
Ravi Mynampaty


New England Translators Association
Newburger Family Fund
Kathleen O. Northrup, MD’99 R’02, and Chad Northrup
David A. Nourse
Patricia and Frank Noyes
Nu-England Services Company, Inc.


Susan Oakley
Julie A. O’Brien, MD’05
Leslie O’Brien
Peter O’Connor
David O’Donnell
William F. Ogden Jr.
Christina R. Hermos, MD’02, and Paulo J. Oliveira, MD’97 R’01 F’05
Elizabeth C. Brackett, MD’76, and Fred Olson
Rita Olson
Karen Carig-O’Neill and Hugh O’Neill
Ortho-Tec Medical, Inc.
Linda and Kevin O’Sullivan
Joanne M. Owens


Anthony Paciello, DMD
Nancy and James Padula
Nicholas P. Palumbo
Linda A. Pape, MD R’79
Kimberly Applegate, MD, and George F. Parker, MD’90 R’91 R’94
Carolyn and Richard Parker
Bakul C. Patel
Nirixa Patel
Patwardhan Family Fund
Andrew Payette
Maureen M. O’Brien, MD’93, and Bradley Payne
Jane Peacock
Marie Pellegrini and James W. Pellegrini, MD’86 R’89
Debra J. Pellegrino
Christine and James Pellegrino
Sarah and Scott Pelletier
Sharon Penny
Ulises Rosa and Joseph Peppe, MD’01
Jennifer M. Perez, MD’15
Serena and Alec Perkins
Shirley and Rick Perkins
Barbara and Louis Pero
Perrone Landscaping Inc.
Petersen Ventures LLC
Florence L. Petro
The Pfizer Foundation Inc.
Paul M. Phipps Insurance Agency, Inc.
Physicians Insurance Agency of Mass., Inc.
Jennifer Picarillo and Alan P. Picarillo, MD’98 R’01 F’04
Mary R. Hawthorne, MD’81, and David Pihl
Pine Tree Concrete Products, Inc.
Jeanne A. Piper, MS’99, RN, and David Piper
Joseph J. Plaud, PhD
Stacy and Joseph Plunkett
Cheryl Poelma
David L. Polan, MD R’07
Robert Porcelli
Joanne and Richard Powell
Lillian S. Pratt Fund
Teresa and Robert Pratt
Precision Motorsports
Kimball A. Prentiss, MD’02
Allison Prestifilippo
Catherine M. Price, MD’95


Gwen Winston and Bernard J. Quigley, MD’93
Elizabeth and David Quist


Monika Ramondo and Charles Ramondo Jr.
Ramza Family Fund
Gia and Tim Ramza
Ina B. Ratner, MD’86
John S. Reed
Priscilla Remis and David R. Remis, MD’00, MA
Travis Renk
Carole and Arthur Resca
Elaine D. Retholtz
Gina and David Riccio
Robert L. Roach
Clesson A. Robbins
Elizabeth A. Robinson
Paul N. Rosenfeld, MD’80
Paul and Fay Rossley Fund
Beverly R. Rothfeld, RN-CS, NP
Meghan Rourke
Kevin M. Roy
Thomas R. Roy
R.T. Foods
Barbara Ruben
Michael Rudick
Teri A. Rudolph
Edward Ruggeri
Leslee and Mark Ruggeri
Mark and Leslee Ruggeri Charitable Fund
Rutland Lions Association, Inc.
Matthew W. Ryzewski


Sherri Sadowski
Mary Anne Sahagian
Amy Saltzman, MD, and Eric Saltzman
Sharon M. Salzberg
Gordon M. Saperia, MD’77 R’84
Saratoga Stress Reduction Program
Heatha Schena and Anthony J. Schena, MD’97 R’03
Marianne Schmieder
Maria A. Schoen, MD R’93
Sheryl Schulte
Helen and Jonathan Seale
Maryanne Seibold
Jeffrey Seidel
Seltser & Goldstein Public Adjusters, Inc.
Senior Whole Health, LLC
Nikhil H. Shah
Catherine Shapiro and Bradley A. Shapiro, MD’80
David M. Sharaf, MD’80
Robert Shluzas
Shrewsbury Firefighters Association
Christine Shusterman and Michael S. Shusterman, MD’96
Maureen Shyu
Clarence M. Sidlo
Evelyn C. Abernathy, MD’89, and Douglas Silin, MD
Margaret and Richard Sisson
Cola Siu Lin Lo
Yvonne M. Smikle, MD’99 R’02, and Errol Smikle
David Smith
Denis L. Smith
Erin Smith
Robert D. Smith
Jacqueline A. Swan, MD’01, and Timothy M. Smith, MD’01
Zachary P. Snape
Jeffrey T. Soderman, MD’04
Spectra Energy
W. Thomas Spencer Jr.
Rosemary A. Spillane
Ellen E. Spilva
Sushant Srinivasan, MD’04
St. Pierre & St. Pierre, P.C.
St. Rose of Lima Parish
Robert C. Stanton
Paul Stapinski
Charles Steele
Penelope Steiner
Strategies for Health LLC
Sullivan Optometry, P.C.
Liz Sullivan
Maura Sullivan, MD’91
Anthony J. Szumowski Jr.


Cay E. DenHerder, MD’84 P’18, and Dominick Tammaro, MD P’18
Test Devices Inc.
Marjorie J. Delo, MD R’03, and Sean Theis
Harlan Thompson
Stacy Thompson
Anne N. Thorndike, MD, MPH
Christine Tieri
E. Paul Tinsley
Bernice N. Todres
Michael Tomaiolo
Laura Toner
John Toohey
Karen and Scott Townsend
Gina M. Trachimowicz, MD R’08, and Timothy Trachimowicz
Dorothy and Michael Tsotsis
Robert Tymcio
Glen Tynan
Andrew Tzellas, MD’02


William V. Underwood
United Way of Rhode Island
Uxbridge High School


Denis Valdinocci
Eli Valk
Marjorie and Francis Van Houten
Jose Vazquez
Verizon Foundation
Vernon Hill Post #435 Sons of the American Legion
Joan Vorster
Rose Vrbos
Vs. Cancer Foundation


David Walker
Barbara Watson and Alan Wallace
Linda Wallace
Johanna F. Walsh
Thomas H. Walsh
Stephen Kerrigan and Jacob Watts
David Webster
Ludovica and Stuart Weisberger
Myra Weiss, DSW
Laura T. Weissman, MD’00
Debra S. Shapiro, MD’85, and Lisa Weissmann
James D. Weldon
Judith and Stephen Wentzell
Marcia C. Werchol, MD’81
Suzanne Westbrook
The Westender
Western Carriers, Inc.
Mary Whalen
Daniel F. Whitney
Brijet and Ray Whitney
Pearl Houghteling, MD’14 and Abbott Widdicombe, MD’15
Kay and Glen Wiese
Dennis Wiley
Lanu V. Stoddart, MD’92, and Paul Williams
Jay A. Sorgman, MD’87 R’90, and Anthony E. Wilson, MD’90 R’93
Gerard Wilson
Joanne and Richard Wirtenson
Karen Reitzi and Gregory Wolf
Noreen Wolleben and Charles D. Wolleben, PhD’87
The Women’s Image Center
Patty Wright
Lauren Alberta-Wszolek, MD’05 R’09, and Matthew F. Wszolek, MD’05


Edward S. Xavier, MD’03


Edith and Lincoln Yates
Taylor R. Young


Susan I. Zangarine, MS’01, RN, and David Zangarine
Margaret Zappala and Stephen M. Zappala, MD’83 R’85 R’89
Beth Zastawny
Linda and Joseph Zbikowski
Marie and Paul Zbikowski
James J. Zinkus
Leslie Zlotnik and Richard D. Zlotnik, MD’79 R’84
Abbe Zuckerberg and Aaron L. Zuckerberg, MD’86

This list reflects gifts made to UMass Chan Medical School and/or UMass Memorial Health Care between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

Couples with different last names are listed alphabetically according to the second name, e.g., Jane Doe and John Smith will be listed by Smith.

Organizations are listed alphabetically.

Foundation names that include an individual’s name are listed alphabetically by the individual’s last name, e.g., The Jane Doe Charitable Foundation will be listed by Doe.

* deceased in FY15

Soutter Washburn Fellow (cumulative lifetime giving of $1M+)

Fellow (cumulative lifetime giving of $100,000 to $999,999) 

Hudson Hoagland Society

Leadership donor (cumulative gifts of $500+ to one or more Annual Funds)

 20+ consecutive years of giving

◇ 10+ consecutive years of giving