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$1,000 – $4,999

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Anonymous (10)
Absolute Haitian Corporation
Heather Robinson P’16 and Ronald N. Adler, MD’89 R’92 P’16
Advance Mfg. Co., Inc.
Imoigele P. Aisiku, MD’97
Kyuran Ann Choe, MD87, and Anthony Albano, MD'86
Hollis E. and Gwendolyn D. Alden Fund
Katherine Ruiz de Luzuriaga, MD R90, and Lloyd M. Alderson, MD88
Carolyn and Richard Allan
Elizabeth Allen and Kenneth S. Allen, MD’82
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Society of Transplant Surgeons
Spencer R. Amesbury, MD’83
Christine H. Andersen, MD'93, and Christian T. Andersen, MD'82
Kirsten M. Anderson
Marie and Mike Angelini
Leslie A. Donovan, MD’93, and Paul J. Apostolides, MD’91
Asheville Mindful Living, LLC
Association of University Centers on Disabilities
Michelle and Robert Atchinson
Thin Z. Aung
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Ayers


Rev. Robert and Bevely Bachelder
Sharon Bachman, MD’98, FACS
Abraham K. Ballah, MS’08, RN
Kristin and Owen Bard
Randall S. Barko
Cynthia J. Barlow
Katharine C. Barnard, MD’00 R’03, and Daron Barnard
Martha Leggat and Stephen J. Barr, MD’91
Bartholomew and Company, Inc.
Thomas and Lynora Bartholomew
Carl E. Battles, MD’80
Bay Colony Group, Inc.
Carol and Richard Beauchine
Becker Family
Alan Becker
Randy and Donna Becker
Rebecca Begin and Gregory B. Begin, MD’78 F’82
Donna Behmer and Clifford J. Behmer, MD’85
Janet and Kenneth Belain
Mary and Richard Bender
Gail and David Bennett
Judy and Jim Bergin
Berkshire Bank Foundation, Inc.
Allen and Sarah Berry
Seth and Tina Bilazarian P86
Norman Bitsoli
Carol Bluestein and Daniel A. Bluestein, MD’75
Jennifer Reidy, MD, and Philip J. Bolduc, MD’00
George F. Booth II
Jean E. Boucher, PhD, RN, ANP
Anne M. Bourgeois, EdD, MS94, RN, RNCS, ANP, and Robert Bourgeois
Dr. Marshall Katzen and Bari Boyer
Chris and Charlotte Bramley
Debra L. Brand, MD’75
The Branford Group
Judson Brewer, MD, PhD
Lauri D. Bolton, MD’05, and Jennifer Bricker-Bolton
James B. Broadhurst, MD R’85
Jerry R. Brooks, PhD
Jennifer Ryan-Brown and Douglas Brown, Esq.
Sandra M. Dejong, MD96 R99 R03, and Stuart Brown, PhD
Jodi and David Brunelle
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Budnitz Fund
Sharon A. Burdulis, MD’95, and Michael A. Burdulis, MD’98
Jill R. Reinherz, MD’04, and Harold Burger
Donna M. Burns
Deborah Plummer, PhD, and Michael Bussey
Sharon Byrne and Kyle R. Byrne, MD’91 R’92


John J. and Elaine C. Cahill Family Fund
John J. and Elaine C. Cahill
Margaret Post and Miles Cahill
Mary Cancian and David J. Cancian, MD’80
Ruth Canovi
Richard and Joan Caparso
Kathleene Card and Andrew Card Jr.
Elizabeth Zoltan, PhD, and Robert Caret, PhD
Jennifer Carey, EdD, and Robert Carey, PhD
Jane E. Carleton, MD
Scott Carmel
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
Central Massachusetts Area Health Education Center
Cheryl and Alex Chan
Francis Charette
Lily W. Chen, MD14
Robin and Mark* Cherry
Joy C. Child, CPA
Elizabeth A. Chipman
Lindsey and Brendan Chisholm
Suzanne Clark
Kathleen M. Cleary, MD’84
Christine Moulton Clemson, PhD’98, MS’10, RN, and R. Conrad Clemson
Clipper Winds Consulting Inc.
Gloria Vigliani, MD, and David Clive, MD
David Cochran, MD, PhD
Cogent It Solutions, LLC
Coghlin Family Foundation
James and Nancy Coghlin and Family
Jeffrey A. Cogswell
Anne and John Cogswell
Betsy Cohen P’15 and Eric Cohen, MD P’15
Sherryl and Gerard Cohen
Jennifer S. Daly, MD P11, and Mark W. Cohen, MD P'11
Colonial Import, Inc.
Colorectal Cancer Alliance of Central Massachusetts
Cheryl and James Comer
Heidi Connelly and Michael C. Connelly, MD’86
Susan and Anthony Consigli
Ellen and T.J. Conte
Cary J. Corkin
Robert Lloyd Corkin Charitable Foundation
Eugenia Cornell, MD’80
Lois Dehls Cornell and Paul Cornell III
Antonette Coughlin P’12 and Bret F. Coughlin, MD’85 P’12
Patrick Comer Courage Foundation
Lynn and Mark Couto
Catherine Cox, PhD, RN, and Gerard R. Cox, MD’83, MHA
Judith Crocker and Roderick H. Crocker Jr., MD’82
Cross Cultural Communication Systems, Inc.
Crown Linen Services, Inc.
Vivian Budnik, PhD and Mr. Michael Cyganiewicz


Jane Daigneault and Joseph F. Daigneault, MD’90 R’93
Dawn and Edward D'Alelio
Paul J. Damery
Barbara Darcy and Paul E. Darcy, MD’78
Laurie and Phil Davis P03
Hayla K. Sluss, PhD98, and Roger Davis, PhD
Hans de Veer
Kitsa Deblois, MD
Mary C. DeFeudis
Joan Delise and Claudio M. Delise, MD’75
Peter T. Demos, MD
Shaghayegh M. DeNoble, MD05, and Peter H. DeNoble, MD05
DePuy Spine, Inc.
Patrice H. Fox, MD’89 R’93, and Daniel Dilts
Julie Disa and Joseph J. Disa, MD’88
Mary K. Wendel, MD’80, and Mark S. DiStefano, MD
Stephanie and J. Douglas Dixon
Thuy Van Truong Do and Khoa D. Do, MD’97 R’00 F’03
Loretta J. Dodwell and David G.* Dodwell, MD’84 R’85
Winifred S. Doherty
Dom Vito, Inc.
Maritza and Richard Domaleski
Danielle Doucet, MD
Mary M. Doyle
Jill and Douglas Dratch
Marie Driscoll and Edward Driscoll, MD
Dudley Patrolmens Association
Dudley-Charlton Regional School District
Paula and Eric Dunphy
Julie DuPont-Woody
Catherine Dupuy and Damian E. Dupuy, MD’88
Nanette and Michael Duquette
Kirsten Durbin and William Durbin, MD


Laura Ebbeling
Karen J. Shedlack, MD’85, and Howard Eichenbaum, PhD
Julie Nagazina P’14 and Richard Einhorn, MD P’14
Penelope A. El-Bisi
Katharine R. Elliott
Ellis Family Fund
Ralph and Mildred Ellis
Equity Resource Investments LLC
Elisha W. Erb
Catherine Phillips, MD, and Stephen Erban, MD
Christine P. Donahue, PhD’99, and Heidi Erlacher
Ernst & Young U.S. LLP
Kathy Ethier
Eversource Energy
EVO Dining LLC


Barbara E. Fargo
Favulli Electric, Inc.
Madeleine R. Fay, MD’78 R’81 F’83 P’94 P’95
The Feiner Rodman Charitable Fund
Sandra MacLean and Robert Findlay
Robert Finberg and Joyce Fingeroth
Carolyn Finn and Leonard M. Finn, MD’74 R’77
Debra and Richard Finn P’13
Patricia McQuilkin, MD’92 R’93 R’96, and David J. Fishbein, MD’92 R’93
Coleen OBrien and David B. FitzGerald, MD’00 R’04
Mrs. John E. Flagg*
Fletcher Tilton PC
Mary and Warner Fletcher
Kye Flotte and Terence Flotte, MD
Ed and Joyce Flynn
Flynn's Truck Plaza
Bernadette M. Leber, MD’83, and Thomas Folan
Paul and Karen Fontaine
Joanna Tavares and Manuel L. Fontes, MD’88
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Fuller
Jean King, PhD, and Carl Fulwiler, MD, PhD
Mary L. Furscott Charitable Foundation
Marcia Furtado


Gabrielles Angel Foundation
Leslie and Michael Gaffin P’03
Sandra Mayrand and Paul Gallagher
Janice and Robert Gallo
Barbara and John Ganem
Qin Su and Guangping Gao, PhD
Mark R. Gardner, MD’90
Donald R. Gauthier
Lee Ann Gibree
Diane B. Kaufman, MD’85, and David F. Gitlin, MD’85 R’86 R’89
Give With Liberty
Sally Gladstone and Gerald Gladstone, MD
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Jill and Jason Gluck
Theresa M. Caputo, MD’79, and Dennis Godek
Laura Gold and Jeffrey S. Gold, MD’02
Barbara K. Prazak, MD’80, and Richard Goldberg
Carrie Golden
Mary K. Alexander, EdD, and Lillian R. Goodman, EdD, RN
Dr. Naomi Botkin and Mr. Joshua Gordon
The Anna-Lisa Gotschlich Charitable Fund
Anna-Lisa Gotschlich
Janet and Everett Grahn
Cristy and Wayne Granat
Sophia Z. Grant, MD’98, and Richard Grant
Audrey Griesbach, MD’75, and James Greenwood
Dale L. Greiner, PhD and Mrs. Leslie M. Greiner
Brittany and J. Michael Grenon
Rebecca A. Griffith, MD’95
Donna R. Grogan, MD R’87 P’18, and Paul Grogan P’18
Lindsey Grossman and Neil Grossman, MD
Neena and Subhash Grover P’04
Lilia D. Guerra, MD’90
Kawaljit Pasricha and Subhash C. Gumber, MD’90, PhD
Leslie Fish, PharmD, and Jerry H. Gurwitz, MD’83 R’86


Linda Haddad and Abraham Haddad, DMD
Susan and David Hahn P’09
Linda Petren and Christopher A. Hakim, MD’80
Hamra Noodles, LLC
Luanne Thorndyke, MD, FACP, and John Hanger
Marian and J. Barry Hanshaw, MD
Haran Family Fund
Girija Yegnanarayanan P’16 and Girish Haran P’16
Charles F. Harenza
Nancy Harlan and David Harlan, MD
Thomas Harnan
Noreen Reilly Harrington, PhD, and Joseph Harrington, MD
Hart Law Offices, P.C.
Haselton Gove Family Foundation Inc.
Barbara Hauser and Michael S. Hauser, DMD MD’83
Lanya Hayden, PhD, and Shawn A. Hayden, MD’85, PhD
Nicole Hayes and John R. Hayes, Jr.
HCC Women's Golf Association
James M. Healy, MD’80
Julie and Bayard Henry
Debora E. Williams-Herman, MD’88, and Gary Herman
Theresa and Daniel Hicks Jr.
Jill and Chris Higgins
Hillcrest Country Club Ladies League
Patrice Muchowski, ScD, and David Hillis
Carolanne and Jeffrey Hillis
Lien T. Do, MD’00, and Patrick Hogan
Debra and Sam Hokkanen
Sandra Honig and Robert Honig, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Hopkins P’00
Kerri E. Osterhaus-Houle, MD’99 R’03, and Christopher Houle
Ellen Gravallese, MD, and M. Timothy Hresko, MD
Hresko/Gravallese Family Fund
William M. Hubbell
Doranne and Randall Hudson Foundation Fund
Randall B. Hudson, MD’78
Susan and Brendan Hughes
Carole and W. Patrick Hughes
Claire and John Hunt
Cornelia and Earl Hutt
Amy Hyett and Brian H. Hyett, MD’05


Idera Pharmaceuticals
Illinois Retina Center, LTD
Judi and Herb Ingram
Institute for Emergency Medical Education
Intel Volunteer Grant Program


J. J. Bafaro, Inc.
Ms.Denise Brouillette-Jacobson and Allan S. Jacobson, PhD
Frances and M Howard Jacobson
Robert E. Jenal
Alicia R. Johnson
Erica E. Johnson, MD’75, and Hugh Johnston
Anne C. Jones, MD’95 R’98, and Larry Jones
C. Greer Jordan, PhD, and Ted Jordan
Thomas Jordan
V. Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DSc, FMedSci
Lynette Jozefczyk and Michael A. Jozefczyk, MD’78


Julian L. Kadish, MD
Mary Beth Kadlec, ScD
Jean-Claude Kalache
Laura A. Kalayjian, MD’95
Kallmes Family Charitable Fund
Michelle Kallmes and David F. Kallmes, MD’89
Edward A. Kamens, MD
Kane Industrial Trust
Wendy and Paul Kangas
Helmut Kapczynski
Jodie H. Katz
Julie Kaufman, MD’89
Cara Douville Kaupp, MD’00, FAAP, and Gregory W. Kaupp, MD’98
Donna Keaney and John Keaney Jr., MD
Jordan and James Keefe
Jack and Rayna Keenan
Elizabeth Cookson, MD’85, and Carolyn Keene
Kimberly S. Kendrick
Ken's Foods, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Kern Sr.
Phillips Kerr and Priscilla Short Kerr
Elisabeth P. Ware, MD’95, and Bryan R. Kestenbaum, MD’95
Mr. and Mrs. B. Anthony King
Judy and Tony King Foundation
Fiona and Alex Kirk
Karen M. Knowles
Varda Konstam, PhD P’16, and Marvin Konstam, MD P’16
Peter J. and Sophie Kosky Fund
Beverly Stickles, MD’98 R’99, and Joshua Krasnow, MD’98 R’01 F’04 F’05
Kuchnir Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery
Karen Kuchnir and Louis D. Kuchnir, MD, PhD R’01
Shubjeet Kaur, MD R’90 P'16, and Sanjaya Kumar, MD R’92 P’16


Nicola Francalancia, MD, and Janice F. Lalikos, MD R’96
Frances S. LaMalva
Kristin E. Lamontagne, MD’05, and Steven P. Lamontagne, MD’05
Suzanne George, MD’94, and Michael J. Landman, MD’94
Cheryl and Joseph Lapriore
Peter J. Larkin and Anne C. Larkin, MD
Catherine Larned, MD’81
Daniel and Judith Lasser
M. B. Maughan and Michael T. Leahy, MD’80 R’83
Carolyn Leary and James Leary, JD
Robert L. LeClaire
Stephanie K. Mueller, MD’05, and Matt Ledoux
William Lee
Leggat Barr Fund
Katherine LeMay
Mark D. Levine, MD, PC
The Peter H. Levine Fund
Jacquelyn Wolf and Barry Levy
Liberian Community of Boston
Mary Ann Liebert Inc.
Susan Keith Lindsay and Charles Lindsay
Thomas Lindsay
John and Sonia Lingos Family Foundation
Celeste and David Lionett
David J. Lionett Fund
Jennifer Litton, MD’00, and Todd Catlett Litton
Demetrius and Anna-Marie Litwin and Family
Living Earth
Stephen and Valerie Loring
Kathleen Lovett and David R. Lovett, MD’84
Amy Lubowicki
Susan Ludwig
Dorothy and Howard Lurier Philanthropic Fund
Dorothy Lurier
Lynch Family Charitable Foundation
Susan U. Lynch, MD’86, and John Lynch
Mary J. Lyons, MD’90, and John Lyons


Evelyn MacDonald
Jeanne MacDonald and Nathan R. MacDonald, MD’96 R’99
Donna and A. Connell Macken P’14
Traci and Bradford Macomber
Michael F. Malone, PhD
Roberta Fern and Harvey J. Mamon, MD’88
Paul S. Maney
Marathon Sports
March of Dimes
Eileen and Eric Marcus
Rachel A. Bergeson, MD’78, and Brian Margolis, MD
Dr. Maurice and Rita Martel
Brian Martin
Robin and Peter Martin
Lynn Maserejian and James P. Maserejian, MD’95 R’98
Massachusetts Medical Society N.E. Journal of Medicine
Anne I. Mathew, MD’90, and Rano T. Mathew, MD’90
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Matson
Drs. Paula-Ann Pricken and C. Robert Matthews
Erica Mawn and James Mawn Jr.
Heather and Justin Maykel, MD
Marilyn and Timothy McCarthy
Maureen F. McCarthy, MD’87, and William McCarthy
Thomas P. McCullough
David E. McCurdy, PhD
Julie and Todd McDonald
C. Jean McDonough
Sarah M. McGee, MD
Monica M. McKinnon, MD’95 R’99
Roberta and Robert McLaughlin
James P. McNamara, PhD
Medical Toxicology Foundation
Marty Meehan for Congress Committee
Faye Levine and Alvin Meisel
Edit Mello and Dr. Craig C. Mello
Merck and Company Foundation
Sharri and James Merz P’16
Christina and David Michelmore
Millbury Lions Foundation Inc.
Christine Miller and Andrew J. Miller, MD’79 R’82
Gail A. Miller
Elizabeth Arndtsen and Andrew P. Modest, MD’83
Julie Kaufmann P’18 and Geoffrey Modest P’18
Alice Jane S. Morgan
Morton L. Morin
Patrick Mulcahy
David B. Munier
Myria E. Munoz, MD’85
Julie Murphy and Dennis Murphy Jr.
Julie & Dennis Murphy Family Foundation


Jennifer Berryman and Kenneth Naide
Jane and Dennis Neslusan
C. Bradford and Elizabeth C. Newell Fund
Margaret A. Newman, MD’75, and Lawrence M. Newman, MD’75
Mary Nisonoff
North Pointe Investment Partners
NovoNordisk, Inc. - Pay It Forward Fund
Nypro Foundation, Inc.


Kimberly and James O’Brien
Brendan and Claire O’Connor
Terrance J. O'Connor
Drs. Kreszentia M. Strobel and O. Nsidinanya Okike
Christina L. Wei, MD’85, and Daniel J. O'Leary, MD’85
Therese Hendricks, JD P’16, and M. Lawrence Oliverio, JD P’16
Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation


Virginia H. Palazzo, MD’85, and Vincent Palazzo
Corliss and David Paolino P’15
Paolino Family Fund
Martha R. Pappas, EdD, and Arthur M. Pappas, MD
Olympia Pappas-Margaritdis
The Edward J Parry III Charitable Fund
Edward J. Parry III
Carolyn and Sahdev Passey
Suryakant M. Patel, MD
Patil Foundation, Inc.
Sharon Britton and John D. Patrick, MD’79
Lorraine M. Patrick P’79
M. Richard Pavao, MD’05
Christine and Edward Pearson
Drs. Judith and Thoru Pederson
Charles B. and Louis R. Perini Family Foundation
Thomas M. Perkins
Ann Peters and Gary L. Peters, MD’78 R’79 F’83
Alden Pettengill Foundation
Christopher R. Philbin
Drs. Julia Andrieni and Robert Phillips
Virginia and Robert Picking
Cynthia H. Pilskaln, PhD
Adam P. Piselli
Stephen and Cynthia Pitcher
Polar Beverages
Richard I. Popovic, MD’95
Frederick K. Poulin, MD’75
Christi and Chris Powers
Maryanne and Robert Powers
Nadine and Gary Premo
Professional Staffing Group, Inc.
Protravel International, LLC
Patricia A. Pruitt-McDermott, MD’80


Quality Contracting Inc.
Deborah Manegold, MD P’13, and Dwight Quayle P’13
Jennifer Quinn and Daniel J. Quinn, MD’94
Quinsigamond Community College


Margaret Racicot and David F. Racicot, MD’75
Jeffrey J. Rade, MD
Cathy Barile and John Rafuse
Marguerite M. Rafuse P’83
Crystal L. Rainville, MD’95
George C. Rand Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Randolph
Denise Ream
Leslie Sullivan P’13 and John Rees P’13
Cynthia and Jack Rehm
The Rehm Family Foundation
Tara N. Kumaraswami, MD’06 R’10, and Jay Reopel
Robin Yurkevicz, MD, and Marc Restuccia, MD
Caron Robertson and Ronald Robertson Jr.
Joyce L. Robsham
Dr. Kenneth and Carol Rock Charitable Fund
Carol and Kenneth Rock
Shelley and Todd Rodman
Anne E. Nugent, MD’91, and Anthony Rogers
Richard J. Rogers, MD, PhD
Christina Rohan and Christopher J. Rohan, MD’98
Mary and Scott Romero
Melody and David Rose
Rosalie T. Rose
Sidney and Rosalie Rose Charitable Fund
Janet Rosenfield P’18 and Kenneth Rosenfield, MD’82 P’18
Drs. Elizabeth J. Luna and Alonzo Ross
Maryanne Roth and Bernard J. Roth, MD’85
Sara Berkelhamer, MD, and David H. Rothstein, MD’98
Paulette Seymour-Route, PhD’01, RN, and Chris Route
Matthew Russell, MD’98, MSc
Gail S. Ryan, MD
David Ryu


Linda Sabel and Paul Sabel, MD’74
Diane M. Savarese, MD’85
Anita Karcz, MD’75, and Joan Savitsky
Karla Reganold and A. Robert Schell, MD’74
Amy B. Schoenbaum, MD’94
Robert Schultz
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Jennifer L. Schwab, MD’98, and James Schwab
Anthony L. Schwagerl
Julie H. Scott, MD’95
Seattle Genetics Inc.
Marianne Sellers and William R. Sellers, MD’86
Heidi L. Shaff, MD’00, and David A. Shaff, MD’99
Mark L. Shelton
Shepherd Hill Regional High School
Iris Sherman and Howard B. Sherman, MD’90
Margaret Lansing and Matthew Shields
Shrewsbury High School Girls and Boys Soccer Teams
Christine Siegrist and Richard Siegrist Jr.
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Elizabeth Silverstein P’18 and Joel Silverstein, MD P’18
Dr. Richard and Susan Simitis
Maureen and Jeffrey Singer P’17
Madhvendra Singh, MD’93
Denise Du Chainey and Allen L. Smith, MD’85, MS
Mia D. Sorcinelli Smith, MD’07, and Eric Smith
Melanie Gallo and Stanley Smith
Naomi and Jerome Snider
Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care
Sons of the American Legion
Sons of the American Legion Detachment of Massachusetts
Catherine Brekus, PhD, and Erik Sontheimer, PhD
Pamela and Arny Spielberg
The Spillane Charitable Foundation
Kristina and John Spillane, Esq.
Michael J. Spillane, Esq.
Margaret Spinner
Mary L. Spittle
Sprinkler Fitters of the United Assoc. Members
Robert Stahl, PhD
Gregory K. Steinberg, MD’97 R’00
Susan Costa Stevens and Charles Stevens
The Stiles Nicholson Foundation
Beverly and Fred Stone
Donald V. Stowe
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stowe
Elaine and Michael Stowe
The Foundation of Gosta and Sonja Strandquist
Michele and Dennis Streeter
Mary Jean Stempien, MD’88, and James Stricker, MD
Catherine B. Boisvert, MD’03 R’09, and Paul R. Sturrock, MD R’08
Brittany Sudar
Suffolk Construction
Deborah A. Sullivan, MD’95 R’98, and David Sullivan
Dr. John and Lynn Sullivan
Mary and Thomas Supel
Mary Surette and Stanley P. Surette, MD R’94
Caitlin C. O'Donnell, MD’00, and Brian Sutherland
Andrea Peraner-Sweet and Mitchell L. Sweet, MD’77
Cheryl and Dana Swenson
Stephen Sweriduk
Catherine Szymanski and John T. Szymanski, MD’80


Table Talk Pies, Inc.
TD Bank
Daniel G. Tear, PhD
Teva Pharmaceuticals
H. Cynthia Therrien and Philip J. Therrien, MD’84
Melissa Thompson and Michael J. Thompson, MD’86 R’89
Thrive Coaching and Consulting Group
Brigitte M. Thun
Melissa Thun
Martha and Tony Tilton
Timberline Construction
Beth L. Koester, MD’95, and William Toland
Mark and Sheila Toomey Charitable Fund
Sheila and Mark Toomey P’18
Ulises Torres, MD
Joseph M. Trolla
Amy Tryba
Mary M. Tse, MD’77
Tunstall Family Charitable Trust
Christine Tunstall
Jennifer L. Turi, MD’95 R’98, and Matthew Turi


United Plastics
United Way of Central Massachusetts
University of Miami
Alison M. Sollee, MD’85, and Gary Usher
Suzan and Wayne Ushman
The Wayne M. Ushman Family Fund
Monica Kapoor, MD’05, and Michael Uzzi


Vaillancourt Folk Art, Inc.
Patricia van Roekens and Craig N. van Roekens, MD’90, MPH
Anne Vanderweil P’12 and Raimund Vanderweil Jr. P’12
Herb and Jean Varnum
Lawrence W. Vernaglia
Margaret Vernaglia P’78
Carrie Beck and Mark Verville
Mary Ritter Verville and Robert Verville
Vincent Family Charitable Foundation
Robert and Susan Vincent
A. George Volpe, MD R’93


Waters Corporation
Dave and Jan Weaver
Tatiana I. Lingos, MD’81, and Andrew Webb, PhD
Catherine and Edward Webb
Kathleen M. Webber
Kathleen and David Weeks
Gail F. Stanton, MD’78, and Kent Weible
Brenda Weinstein and Robert Weinstein, MD
Daniel W. Weiswasser, MD’00
Sally and Richard Weitzen
Kathleen J. Welch, MD’80
Meridith and Joseph Wesby III
Sabrina Wesley and Paul T. Wesley, MD’80
Kathleen J. Beach, MD’88, MPH, and Phillip Westmoreland
Robert A. Wetherbee, MD’93
Donna L. Whitten
Shirley and Peter Williams
Judi Wilson and Jack Wilson, PhD
Brad Winemiller
Jennifer L. Parent, MD’00, and Eric Winer
Winn Family Charitable Foundation
Gilbert J. Winn
Jean Frazier, MD, and Sherry Winternitz, MD
George and Rita Witman
Susanna Woo Lee, MD’78
Worcester Country Club
Erin and Daniel Wright
Wyman-Gordon Foundation


Xerox Corporation, U.S.A.


Yale University
York Harbor Maritime Antiques

This list reflects gifts made to UMass Chan Medical School and/or UMass Memorial Health Care between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

Couples with different last names are listed alphabetically according to the second name, e.g., Jane Doe and John Smith will be listed by Smith.

Organizations are listed alphabetically.

Foundation names that include an individual’s name are listed alphabetically by the individual’s last name, e.g., The Jane Doe Charitable Foundation will be listed by Doe.

* deceased in FY15

Soutter Washburn Fellow (cumulative lifetime giving of $1M+)

Fellow (cumulative lifetime giving of $100,000 to $999,999) 

Hudson Hoagland Society

Leadership donor (cumulative gifts of $500+ to one or more Annual Funds)

 20+ consecutive years of giving

◇ 10+ consecutive years of giving