Emerging Professionals Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program:

The Emerging Professional Summer Internship Program presents engaging opportunities for interns to build individual capacity and to better assimilate interns into the employment life at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. We accomplish this by matching each intern with a mentor based on similar educational and career interest. We want each intern to get the most out of their internship with like-minded professionals who can help guide and support the learning experience.

First Day:

    Orientation (Typically runs from 9:30am – 3pm with breakfast and lunch included)

  • Welcoming information on academic medical center
  • Overview of EPSIP program and mentoring
  • Team Building/training exercise
  • Lunch EPSIP meet their supervisors
  • iCELS Tour
  • Go to public Safety for parking and ID badges


  • Interns will adhere to agency work hours, policies, procedures and rules governing professional behavior
  • Interns will adhere to state rules and policies governing the observation of confidentiality
  • Interns will assume personal and professional responsibilities for all activities and actions
  • Interns will maintain both internal and external professional relationships
  • Interns will utilize a courteous, enthusiastic, open-minded, and critical approach to policies and procedures within the agency
  • Interns will relate and apply knowledge acquired in the academic setting to your assignment or project
  • Intern will develop self-awareness as it relates to attitude, values and behavior patterns that influence work
  • Interns will prepare for and utilize meetings, events, and other opportunities of learning afforded to you as an intern
  • Interns will be consistent and punctual in the submission of all project assignments
  • Interns will work on a project under the direction of a supervisor in the host department
  • Interns will meet with assigned a mentor who provides guidance in career planning, work-life integration, navigating the workplace
  • Interns will participate in six professional development sessions
  • Interns and their department hosts and mentors will participate in a program orientation and closing networking events.
  • Read HR Key Policies

Professional Development

The Emerging Professionals Summer Internship Program (EPSIP) is designed to provide outstanding college students with a rich workplace experience and professional development opportunity. UMMS has developed a plan for training throughout your internship that will keep you interested and ready to tackle new challenges. These Lunch & Learn training series will offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and increase your knowledge. An outline description and schedule will be provided during orientation.