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Pipeline and Recruitment Programs

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The Emerging Professionals Summer Internship Program (EPSIP) is a ten-week, paid internship experience for talented underrepresented minority college students. This “pipeline” program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore potential administrative careers in an academic health science center. 

DIO and the Minority Academic Advancement Committee (MAAC) collaborate with Office of Faculty Affairs in supporting the Faculty Diversity Scholars Program (FDSP). The primary goal of the FDSP is to recruit new faculty (including the School of Medicine, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the Graduate School of Nursing) from underrepresented groups in the health sciences and to support their successful academic career advancement. In order to address departments with minority underutilization, African American and Hispanic/Latino(a) faculty are among the underrepresented groups who specifically benefit from this program.

DIO supports the Office of Medical Education in the development and execution of the BaccMD Pathways Program. Selecting applicants from our UMass undergraduate institutions, the program contributes to the creation of a student body in the Medical School that will contribute to a diverse health care work force to serve the needs of the commonwealth, with a focus on primary care and under served communities.

DIO works in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs and the Graduate Medical Education Office in recruitment and execution of the URM Residency Recruitment Program. This four-week subsidized elective for fourth year medical students from underrepresented backgrounds serves to enhance the diversity of our residency programs and provides an opportunity for students to consider UMass Memorial Health Care in order to better serve Worcester County’s growing multicultural population. 

Together with our UMMS and UMMMC Human Resources Departments, DIO provides local high school students with an opportunity to work part time, summer jobs in research, medical and administrative settings that earn them real-world experience and exposure to career options.  Launched by the United Way of Central Massachusetts in 2002, Building Brighter Futures (BBF) is a broad-based strategic initiative to help youth transition successfully to adulthood. 

DIO also collaborates with UMass Medical Center’s Human Resources Department in sponsoring the Annual Health Care Career Expo, a yearly exhibition of health-related booths designed to expose high school sophomores and juniors from the region to the array of health related career options.