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Arts In Medicine

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Recognizing the healing power of the arts, UMMHC Arts in Medicine Program is designed to elevate the hospital experience for patients, visitors, caregivers, and staff. Our programs aim to enhance patient care and build a community around the arts, health and medicine.


  • To encourage healing and support the work of caregivers at UMMHCArts in medicine logo
  • To recognize and celebrate the cultural diversity of the patients we serve and local and regional artists
  • To expand awareness and stimulate dialog on the interplay of health, wellness and the arts

Focus Areas:

  • Performance: utilizing the performing arts, particularly music, to enhance the medical environment, express ideas and emotions and offer therapeutic benefits.
  • Education: workshops open to the community provide an opportunity to create and interact through various arts mediums; speakers in medical ethics, wellness, and mindfulness-based stress reduction promote dialog and engagement on health and wellness issues.
  • Collaborations: partnering with community arts organizations supports our mission and extends the message beyond our hospital walls. 

Selected Initiatives:

  • Sponsor the Seven Hills Symphony ensembles or other live music noon-time performances in patient-centered locations
  • Offer a series of artist lead workshops and kits for patients and employees on mindful art practice like Adult Coloring Books and Zentangle-like structured doodling as a conversation on Arts In Medicine
  • Visiting artists or group exhibitions, with themes of Healing and Mindfulness using evidence based research on the impact of visual art and health outcomes
  • Patient-centered Gallery, University Hospital