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Suggestions for Holiday Decorating


The UMass Chan Medical School (UMMS) is a community of diverse cultures. We realize that people celebrate a variety of holidays during this time of year, and some people choose to celebrate none. Some celebrations are tradition based, cultural, spiritual or religious. In recognition, and celebration of our diversity and to promote a civil, respectful and safe holiday season, we are encouraging all employees to take this opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions. Some suggestions for decorations during this season are:

1.  For safety reasons, electrical decorations are not permitted.

2.  Seasonal, inclusive decorations that encourage an appreciation for all traditions are encouraged.

3. Managers and supervisors should handle questions regarding the appropriateness of decorations.

If a resolution is not possible,questions and/or concerns may be directed to the Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO). Please contact the DIO at (508) 856-2179.