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Civility Sub-Committee of the CEOD

Civility Sub-committee Mission

The Civility Sub-committee exists to promote a sustainable civil culture at UMass Medical School by raising awareness through events, education and training. We are committed to an organizational climate where all University employees, students, visitors and volunteers feel safe, respected and supported in our community by providing opportunities for everyone to learn about, understand and participate in programs that uphold human dignity.

Chairpersons - Yasmin Carter and Mary Piorun; Executive Sponsor: Jim Leary, Vice Chancellor, Government and Community Relations

The Importance of Civility in Trying Times

If you are interested in participating, please contact the CEOD email.

Civility Means to

Be aware
Acknowledge others
Think the best
Be inclusive
Speak kindly
Don't speak ill
Accept and give praise
Respect even a subtle "no"
Respect others' opinions
Be agreeable
Speak quietly (and rediscover silence)
Apologize earnestly
Show respect
Tell the truth
Seek agreement
Take responsibility
Accept and give constructive criticism

Take proactive steps towards civility every day.
You and I have the right and responsibility to expect civility from each other.

Printable Version of Civility Definitions  

Get Involved!

It is important for Staff and Faculty to be involved! Contact the co-chair, go to an event or meeting or contact CEOD via Fernanda Gama (email).

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