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Interfaith Employee Resource Group

Posted On: Thursday, August 09, 2018 Posted By: Sibgha Javaid, Intern DIO Tags: Employee Resource Groups, Interfaith Employee Resource Group

The Interfaith ERG promotes religious tolerance, understanding, and the promotion of our core values. The network enables people of all religions to come together and express their faiths in appropriate and meaningful ways in the workplace. It also explores the relationship of spirituality and patient care by enhancing communications among those who share a religious belief. The Interfaith ERG is co-chaired by Melissa Scher and Cecilia Vernes.

On November 2017, the Interfaith ERG held a Panel Discussion on “How International Faiths Impact Healthcare and Workplace.” This discussion was held in celebration of International Education Week with a variety of panelists from various international faiths, who discussed their own personal story of how their faith has impacted their health care and professional working environments. Although the panelists were from particular faiths, they were not representative of the entire faith category, as each person brings their own personal interpretation to their faith. This event was intended to prompt a discussion about the impact of faith in terms of the workplace as well as personal healthcare. Interestingly enough, the discussion ended up being more of an open-discussion instead of a panel discussion, where multiple members of the audience shared their experiences regarding their faith with others.

KabbalahIn January 2018, they held a “Kabbalah Lunch and Learn,” led by a senior Kabbalah Instructor, Ariel Viner of the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles. This was a course on giving each person the best chance to start off the New Year right through exposure to Kabbalistic wisdom and tools to transform oneself and their reality. The belief is that when we set transformative resolutions for ourselves, we are telling the universe that we want to change, and as we work hard to achieve them, we draw a bounty of benefits and blessings into our lives.

The goals of the Interfaith ERG are to:

          I. Collaborate with other ERGS to help educate and build awareness of the linkage between faith and other topics

          II. Continue to honor holiday celebrations to build awareness and foster understanding among employees of the many different religions around the world

          III. Try to sponsor an off-campus event such as volunteering at a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, etc.