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The Diversity & Inclusion Blog

Civility Committee 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Civility Sub-Committee at UMASS Medical School was formed out of a desire to promote a sustainable civil culture at UMASS Medical School. The Civility Sub-Committee, through their educational and training events, helps foster a civil organizational climate where all members of UMMS feel respected, supported, and safe in their community.

This past year, the Civility Committee was highly productive in promoting their values on the UMMS campus. Through the committee co-chairs, Yasmin Carter, PhD and Mary Piorun, the committee held its inaugural Civility Retreat. They also continued their participation in the Synergy Project: “Bullying: Beyond Finger Pointing to a Culture of Respect.” The committee also collaborated with another sub-committee of the CEOD, the Disability Committee on a Book Discussion on Laughing at My Nightmare by Shane Burcaw, an autobiographical account of Burcaw’s struggle with spinal muscular atrophy. Additionally, they hosted a Civility Station at the International Festival. On the Festival’s Puzzle Wall, attendees shared messages on the role of Civility at UMMS. They also wrote and published the commentary: “The Importance of Civility in Trying Times. For the upcoming year, the Civility sub-committee hopes to continue their Synergy Project, grow and exhibit the Civility Table at the International Festival, create a digital signage that spreads the message of Civility at UMASS Medical School, and collaborate with the LGBTA Sub-Committee on a discussion about culturally sensitive language.