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Mature Workforce 2017

Posted On: Monday, July 17, 2017 Posted By: Renee Lucas, Intern DIO Tags: Committee on Equal Opportunity and Diversity, Mature Workforce

The Mature Workforce Committee Sponsored and hosted various events for UMass community. The committee hosted its first annual Healthy Aging Fair. The event included 25 vendors and drew more than 400 people while increasing membership as well. In December, the committee hosted the 2016 Gadgets Seminar with over 30 attendees. The group sponsored the 2017 Massachusetts State Retirement Board presentation. That presentation brought over 130 attendees. After seeing the successes of the committee, co-chairs Ella Covella and Sue Tremallo and the rest of the committee decided on some goals for the next year. On October 2, the newly titled “Healthy Living Fair” will hold its second annual event for the UMass community. Thirty vendors are expected to participate and the Disabilities Committee will be co-sponsoring the event as well. The Committee is also hoping to continue their efforts to support and improve the FDSP in collaboration with DIO and OFA. 

Mature Workforce 2017


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