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The Diversity & Inclusion Blog

MassBiologics Diversity Committee 2017

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Even though MassBiologics Diversity Committee (MDIC) is only a couple years old, formed in January 2015, the group is quickly making strides in supporting employee diversity in the MassBiologics workplace. This past academic year, MDIC members all completed the “train the trainer” training on case studies on diversity training. The committee incorporated employee recognition into MassBiologics events like the 100-year patent celebration and also employee responses to the Diversity and Inclusion Survey results. The committee donated about five boxes of clothing and accessories to the Professional Women’s Committee’s event, Dress for Success. Co-chairs Jeffrey Way and John Finch and the rest of the committee met with John Trobaugh to discuss how they could better serve the community at MassBiologics. The results from this meeting influenced their goals for the upcoming academic year. MDIC hopes to have three outside speakers, leaders from Bio Manufacturing and related industries, come to discuss diversity in the workplace. The speakers will also voice their personal experiences as members of underrepresented groups in their fields. Another goal is to brand the MDIC in order to make them more visible in the organization. The marketing will include both a logo and a slogan along with other small items to be given to staff and other UMass personnel. The committee also hopes to increase MDIC membership by 25% or 2-4 new members. 

MassBiologics Diversity Committee 2017MassBiologics Diversity Committee 2017