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The Diversity & Inclusion Blog

2017 Diversity Engagement Survey

Friday, March 17, 2017

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We need you! Your feedback is critical to improving the UMass Medical School (UMMS) culture. You can make a difference by completing the Diversity Engagement Survey. Check your email or UpNext! for a direct link! Please help us to make a difference at UMass; Take the survey. Diversity Engagement Survey Link:

Please help UMass Medical School in our diversity and inclusion efforts by completing a Diversity Engagement Survey.Administered every three years, this 22-item survey asks about the inclusiveness of our academic learning environment and identifies our areas of strength and areas for improvement. The survey also collects demographic information that helps us evaluate our Affirmative Action and Diversity Strategic Plans.

The survey is being given to the entire UMass Medical School system — SOM, GSBS, GSN, research and clinical faculty, staff, students, residents, postdocs, Commonwealth Medicine and MassBiologics. Please respond to the items based on your specific relationship to the system. Deadline for completing the survey is April 7, 2017.

The Diversity Engagement Survey was developed in partnership with the Association of American Medical Colleges. The results will be analyzed using academic medical center benchmark data by DataStar, Inc., a leading provider of survey management, data processing, and tabulation services to researchers. Responses will only be reported in aggregate form; are not provided to third parties; and will not contain any information that would permit identification of an individual. Completing the survey should take less than ten minutes.

We appreciate your time in taking the survey and your support for this important initiative.  Please feel free to contact the Diversity and Inclusion Office at if you have any questions or concerns.

In appreciation for completing the survey, after completing the survey, there will be a link to enter your name to win One Month of UMMS Free Parking or a Basket of Scratch Tickets. Your responses to the survey are not connected in any way with participation in the raffle. 

Diversity Engagement Survey Link: