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Week Two- Embodying Presence: Connecting Mind & Body - 10 min mindful exercise

Posted On: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 Posted By: Diversity Office Tags: Mindfulness

weekly mindfulness exercises Psychiatry

THIS WEEK, WE INVITE YOU to continue to practice the brief 2-5 minute body scan introduced last week. See if you can continue to create some space each morning before rising out of bed, to be fully with the body, noticing with compassion the physical sensations that are present as the body wakes up – starting with the feet and slowly making your way up to the crown of the head.

AS AN EXTENSION OF LAST WEEK’S HOME PRACTICE, we also invite you to bring purposeful awareness throughout your day to moments when your body is experiencing and making contact with the world through the sense of touch (e.g., when greeting a colleague with a hand shake, embracing a friend/ loved one in a hug, coordinating your fingers on the keyboard as you type your next email, etc...). Whatever the experience may be, explore with a sense of curiosity the physical sensations, mental coordination, and any emotional states that arise while sensing the world through touch.  

This Mindfullness home exercise was created by the Department of Psychiatry for the weekly mindfullness sessions.