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Week One- Embodying Presence: Connecting Mind & Body - 10 min mindful exercise

Posted On: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 Posted By: Diversity Office Tags: Mindfulness

weekly mindfulness exercises Psychiatry

THIS WEEK, WE INVITE YOU to practice a brief 2-5 minute body scan before getting out of bed in the morning. After the morning alarm sounds, see if you can stay for just a short while, creating some space to attend to the body as it wakes up – starting with the feet and slowly making your way up to the crown of the head – simply noticing with compassion all of the physical sensations that are present.

This exercise is a great way to begin the day with more presence and attention, and is also a great tool that can be accessible anytime throughout the day as an anchor to the present moment.  Taking time to notice the body as it responds to life, anchors our mind to the rhythmic, synergistic and ever changing nature of the present moment. When we attend to the body and our physical experiences without judgment, we create space for compassion and gratitude to emerge. In this space, our thoughts begin to quiet and the mind can move deeper into stillness.  

This Mindfullness home exercise was created by the Department of Psychiatry for the weekly mindfullness sessions.