Undergraduate Medical Education

Pre-Clinical Training

The Division of Diabetes faculty works alongside faculty in physiology, biochemistry, and pathology to introduce medical students to the wonders of intermediary metabolism, and to the complexities of the pathophysiology of glucose metabolism. This is a crucial step in building the necessary knowledge base to understand the clinical aspects of Diabetes.

Clinical Training

The Division of Diabetes offers electives during which medical students have the opportunity to learn in-depth about the medical management of patients with diabetes both in the ambulatory and inpatient settings. Clinical experience in the comprehensive care of persons with diabetes is central to the “hands-on” expertise that must be acquired during undergraduate medical training.
The involvement of the Division of Diabetes at University of Massachusetts in both the pre-clinical and clinical training provides medical students with ample opportunities to obtain the mentorship of Diabetes faculty members. These mentorships can be formative experiences as the interested undergraduate reflects on selected aspects of diabetes care. The Division of Diabetes faculty encourages interested students to become actively involved in diabetes research projects and provides them the necessary support.

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