Continuing Medical Education

Medical Grand Rounds

The Division of Diabetes participates in Medical Grand Rounds to strengthen the professional approaches of all practitioners as they interface with diabetes patients. When presenting, the division incorporates elements to make such medical sessions interactive and engaging for attendees.

Endocrinology Grand Rounds

Endocrinology Grand Rounds are highly valued within the Division of Diabetes. These presentations are given by highly regarded individuals of national and international stature and focus on integrating basic and applied clinical research with clinical practice.

Endocrinology Research Conferences

The Division of Diabetes organizes and actively participates in conferences that are designed to offer attendees with the opportunity to learn about ongoing research projects in the field of diabetes and endocrinology at the University of Massachusetts.

Endocrinology Clinical Conferences

The members of the Diabetes Center of Excellence and the Division of Diabetes are actively involved in clinical conferences. These conferences are focused on presenting up to date clinical reviews on various aspects of diabetes and other endocrine syndromes. An important component of these conferences is the discussion on challenging patient cases.

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