Clinical Care for Persons with Diabetes

Recognizing that individuals with diabetes typically battle the disease for decades, the UMMS Diabetes Division team (as an integral component of the UMassMemorial Healthcare Diabetes Center of Excellence) works to continuously improve its patient-centered approach. That is, the Team facilitates the delivery of lifestyle education to both the person with diabetes and to care partners (e.g. family members) integrated with proactive, prepared care providers. The Team includes certified diabetes educators, dieticians, exercise physiologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, office support staff, as well as primary and specialty care physicians.

Our goal is to educate and empower the person with diabetes to learn everything needed to effectively manage this complex chronic disease. We also strive to develop ways to simplify the care that is required to properly treat the person with diabetes (for example, eye and foot doctor evaluations, blood and urine tests, and vaccinations). Our “North Star” or guiding principle is to provide treatments that help people with diabetes avoid disease complications so that they can lead a long, healthy, and independent lives, until, through research, the cure is found.

Visit the website of our clinical partner, UMassMemorial HealthCare, for more information.