Whats New at UMass Dermatology

We are pleased that Bassel Mahmoud MD, joined our faculty in September 2016 as a procedural and medical dermatologist.

Our recent dermatology resident graduate, Melissa Michelon, MD, also joined our faculty this fall as a general dermatologist.

James Bota, MD, is our ACGME accredited Procedural Dermatology Fellow for 2016-2017.  One of our residents, Riley McLean, MD will be our fellow for 2017-2018.

Brea Prindaville, MD is our ABD accredited Pediatric Dermatology Fellow for 2016-2017. Another of our residents, Jillian Rork, MD will be our fellow for 2017-2018.

Our ACGME accredited Dermatopathology Fellowship welcomes Justin Richey, MD, as the fellow for 2016-2017 and Travis Morrell, MD as the fellow for 2017-2018 and Elizabeth McKinnon, MD as the fellow for 2018-2019.

Karen Wiss, MD is the current President for the Society for Pediatric Dermatology.  She has also been selected as the Chair of the AAD Community Outreach Programs Committee from 2017 -2019 and an Ex-Officio member of the AAD Council on Community, Corporate & Philanthropic Relations.  She also serves as a member of the AAD Leadership Development Steering Committee that runs the AAD Leadership Institute.

Mary Maloney, MD is currently the President - Elect for the Women's Dermatologic Society. Dr. Maloney, has been elected as an Honorary Member of the American Academy of Dermatology.  This great honor is given to very few individuals in order to recognize those who have advanced the profession of dermatology through leadership and service.

Nikki Levin, MD, PhD has been chosen to be an Associate Editor for the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.  She has also been chosen to attend the AAD Advanced Leadership Forum in Chicago in 2017.

Dianne Silvestri, MD is the Copy Editor for the journal Contact Dermatology.

John Harris, MD, PhD is an Associate Editor of Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research.

Leah Belazarian, MD is a member of the Meetings Committee for the Society for Pediatric Dermatology. A multidisciplinary Down Syndrome clinic has recently been established at UMass, and Dr. Belazarian is the faculty dermatologist for the clinic. Dr. Belazarian has recently been promoted to Associate Professor.

John Harris, MD, PhD and Dori Goldberg, MD are council members for the New England Dermatologic Society (NEDS). The two of them are no performing MKTP (Melanocyte Keratinocyte Transplant Procedure) for the treatment of segment vitiligo. We are only one of 3 sites in the U.S. currently offering this technique. Dr. Harris has recently been promoted to Associate Professor of the tenure track.

Laura Houk, MD participated in the AAD Expert Resource Group of Quality and Patient Safety Officers at the annual meeting in Wahsington, DC.

Multiple UMass physicians and medical students volunteered at the 7th AAD Camp Discovery Connecticut in August 2016. Dori Goldberg, MD and Karen Wiss, MD are Camp Founders and Directors.

Mark Scharf, MD has succeeded in acquiring a Sciton Halo laser for our division. This is expected to have a significant impact on clinical care and training.

Mehdi Rashighi, MD, PGY-2 resident, has received a travel grant to attend and present his research at the Second Inflammatory Skin Disease Summit hosted by the New York Academy of Medicine. Dr. Rashighi has recently been chosen to be on the board of VisualDx .

The Division of Dermatology became the Department of Dermatology in October 2016!!!



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