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Whats New at UMass Dermatology

What’s New at UMass Dermatology

There is a lot of exciting activity in our department!

Departmental Leadership:

John Harris, MD, PhD is now Vice Chair for Research of our department. Laura Houk, MD is the Ambulatory Physician Leader and Bassel Mahmoud, MD is the Director of Teledermatology.

New Faculty:

Riley McLean, MD, a recent graduate of our residency program and Mohs fellowship, joined our faculty in 2018 as a procedural dermatologist. 

Mehdi Rashighi, MD joined our faculty in July 2019 as a medical dermatologist with an interest in rheum/derm and clinical research.  He will be reestablishing a rheum/derm clinic.

AAD Leadership:

Bassel Mahmoud, MD, PhD is a member of the AAD Organizational Structure Committee.  Mary Maloney, MD is incoming chair of the AAD Ethics and Professionalism Committee.  She works on State Society Relations for the AAD. Karen Wiss, MD is the current chair of the AAD Community Relations Outreach Committee, chair of the Camp Discovery work group, an outgoing member of the Leadership Development Steering committee, and the chair of the Leadership Development Sessions work group. 

Specialty Society and Editorial Leadership:

John Harris, MD, PhD is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Investigative Dermatology (JID).  Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research and a Section Editor for the JID. Nikki Levin, MD, PhD continues as an Associate Editor for the JAAD. Mary Maloney, MD is the Immediate Past President of the Women’s Dermatologic Society. Karen Wiss, MD just finished her term as Immediate Past President of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology. She currently chairs the SPD Nominations and Leadership Development committee and was the Co-Director of the inaugural Leadership Forum for the SPD.

Residency Program:

We have 9 amazing residents.  Our 2019 graduates were Shinya Amano,  MD, PhD, who is pursuing a Dermatopathology Fellowship at UMass Medical School, Michael Cunningham, MD who is pursuing a Mohs Fellowship at UMass Memorial Medical School, Anupama Parameswaran who joined a private practive in New York and Mehdi Rashighi, MD who is staying on as Faculty. We were fortunate to have been one of 5 residency programs in the country to pilot an advocacy curriculum for the AAD.  This was launched in fall 2018.

Fellowship Programs:

Our ACGME-accredited Dermatopathology Fellowship welcomes Shinya Amano, MD for 2019 -2020. Michael Cunningham, MD is our ACGME accredited Procedural Dermatology Fellow for 2019-2020.

Clinic Activity:

Under the direction of Dr. Bassel Mahmoud, we have greatly expanded our teledermatology presence.  Many surrounding community health centers provide 3D images for our consultation. We have continued to enlarge our multidisciplinary and specialty clinics, including transplantation clinic, genodermatoses clinic, Down syndrome clinic, epidermolysis bullosa clinic, and MKTP for vitiligo.  Architectural plans have been drawn to expand our space at the Hahnemann campus for a new Mohs and laser unit, giving us about 20 more exam rooms for pediatric and medical dermatology.


Bassel Mahmoud, MD, PhD was a Cutting Edge Research Grant recipient for the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS). He is currently working outcomes of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Excision for patients with Melanoma In Situ, doing multiple studies on non-melanoma skin cancers and Mohs surgery related to tumor subtypes, a study on SCC in situ, noninvasive optical imaging for preop skin cancer delineation, and on different modalities of resurfacing for MKTP. Dr. John Harris is currently participating in multiple clinical trials to test new treatments for vitiligo patients. He and his research group recently published a paper in Science Translational Medicine describing a new and potentially long-lasting treatment for vitiligo patients, which is leading to a clinical trial to begin soon.  Dr. Karen Wiss and Dr. Leah Belazarian are participating in the Pediatric Stigma trial, a large multicenter study looking at the stigmatization and burden of pediatric skin disease.


Dori Goldberg, MD and Karen Wiss, MD were given Presidential Citations at the 2018 AAD meeting for their work with Camp Discovery. Mary Maloney, MD was chosen to be an Honorary Member of the American Academy of Dermatology. This great honor is given to very few individuals to recognize those who have advanced the profession of dermatology through leadership and service.  Dr. Maloney also received the Frederic Mohs Life Time achievement award in 2018 by the American College of Mohs Surgery.  Dr. John Harris received a 2019 Research Achievement Award in Vitiligo from the American Skin Association.

Volunteer Activities:

UMass Dermatology ran a very successful skin cancer screenings and Teddy Bear clinic booths in 2019.  Multiple UMass physicians, staff and medical students have volunteered for the 10th AAD Camp Discovery Connecticut in August 2019.  Dori Goldberg, MD and Karen Wiss, MD are Camp Founders and Co-Directors.  John Harris, MD, PhD was the co-Director and host of 2018 World Vitiligo Day at UMMS, an annual international event for patients with vitiligo.


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