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Jennifer Schneider, MD, MS

Jennifer Schneider, MD, MS, is the Chief Medical Officer at Livongo Health.  She recently completed the famed Ironman Triathlon. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 12, Jennifer never allowed the disease to stop her from doing things she loved, including  Division 1 collegiate track and cross country and even climbing Kilimanjaro.

“Exercise is the key to my mental health,” she said when asked about her Ironman success. She added that there's a lot of crossover between athletics and diabetes.

Jennifer also admits that exercise is not simply her main coping mechanism but also a “healthy addiction.”  She does her best to take good care of herself but says it's the endorphines that feed her “addictive personality” and drives her to complete bucket-list items.

UMass DCOE co-director Dr. David Harlan is Jennifer’s “dream doctor,” not only because he cares about his patients and supports each of them as a person but also because he creates a “safe space” where people can be vulnerable and face their strengths and weaknesses. Jennifer finds Dr. Harlan to be inspiring and motivating and considers him a true partner in her success.

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