Behavioral Health Care

As a DCOE patient, you have access to the support and care you may need as part of your treatment, which includes emotional and behavioral health.

Emotional Health: Living with diabetes can be overwhelming. It can cause frustration, anxiety, and/or depression—all of which can get in the way of diabetes management. We’re here to help support the improvement of your emotional wellbeing.

Behavioral Health: Despite our best efforts, lifestyle and behavioral factors (stressful job, family life, etc.) may sometimes get in the way of successful diabetes management. Sometimes we know what to do, but have trouble putting these plans into action. We help people make these necessary health behavior changes!

Kristin MacGregor, PhD is a health psychologist trained in helping people better manage their diabetes. She will work directly with your treatment team with the overall goal of improving both your physical health and overall quality of life.


Samantha A. Barry, PhD is a health psychologist and postdoctoral fellow who works with patients to help them make the behavioral changes recommened by their providers, to better manage their diabetes.  Her interests include young adults and families.

Ask your provider at your next office visit about meeting Dr. MacGregor or Dr. Barry OR call to schedule an informational behavioral health consultation.

During your first visit, a health psychologist will perform an evaluation and together you will develop a success plan that suits your needs. Structured therapy and support around your diabetes and emotional wellbeing will be provided to help you successfully integrate diabetes into your life.