Diabetes Specialty Clinics within UMass Medical Center


Eye Care Center:

Our Eye Center is staffed by board-certified ophthalmologists who are highly regarded experts in their fields. They also conduct research as faculty of the UMass Medical School.   

Weight Management Center:  

We provide a patient-focused program designed to help adults struggling with obesity and weight-related diseases, using the most advanced strategies for significant weight loss.  

Behavioral Health Specialists: 

Our health psychologists help to improve emotional wellbeing and health behavior changes for people dealing with the frustration and overwhelming nature of living with diabetes. 

Gestational Diabetes:

Care is offered by our maternal-fetal medicine physicians who specialize in the care of high-risk pregnancies and provide the very best care for mother and baby.  

Transplant Diabetes:

Our team provides care for people considering or following an organ transplant.  

Nephropathy (Kidney Disease):

Diabetes is the most common cause of kidney disease.  We treat those who develop diabetic nephropathy and monitor our patients in an effort to prevent it.