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Care Team Spotlight: Jessin Varghese, MS, FNP-BC

Diabetes Nurse Practitioner - Blood Glucose Management at UMass Memorial Hospitals

Born in Saudi Arabia, Jessin also lived in India before moving to the United States with her parents when she was five years old. Today she lives with her husband and their miniature schnauzer Princey. Jessin enjoys educating and helping people living with diabetes, with a goal of motivating them to take action and control their blood sugars to live a long and healthy life.

Jessin earned her BS in neuroscience from Stonehill College, followed by a BSN and Masters degree in Nursing from the Graduate School of Nursing at UMass Medical School.

- Favorite part of living in New England: Four changing seasons 
- Hobbies: Vegetable gardening, drawing and painting, hiking
- Pet Peeves: Closed minded people who aren’t open to hearing new ideas
- Favorite Television Show: The Office 
- Favorite Movie: Inception

She's been working as a nurse practitioner at the UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence since 2015. Jessin is a member of the Inpatient Blood Glucose Management care team, who works with patients living with diabetes while they’re being treated at UMass Memorial hospitals.

Why Diabetes

The South Asian community has a high rate of type 2 diabetes (T2D) due in part to genetics, as well as a sedentary lifestyle and dietary changes after relocating to the United States. Jessin’s mother is among the many people she knows who are living with T2D.

Jessin enjoys putting her neuroscience education to use helping people through a holistic mind and body approach by making lifestyle modifications to improve their health.

“We create treatment plans specific to each individual, and tailor it to fit their lifestyle to ensure they’ll follow through and remain compliant.”

Inpatient Diabetes Care vs. Outpatient Diabetes Care

Unlike routine outpatient appointments during which people often don’t understand and respect the long-term health complications that uncontrolled blood sugars can cause, those who are hospitalized are often dealing with serious ailments. Whether they were admitted to UMass Memorial for a procedure, heart condition, stroke, organ transplant, amputation, diabetic ketoacidosis (D.K.A.), etc., the Inpatient Blood Glucose Management care team helps patients during a difficult time in their life. 

“We have their undivided attention in that hospital room. I have an opportunity to motivate people to take action and change their lives. Many people underestimate the serious consequences of uncontrolled blood sugars until it affects them personally. Our hope is they’ll stick with it after returning home.”  

Typical Day

After reviewing charts of the newly admitted patients living with diabetes who have been assigned to her care, Jessin makes the rounds to meet them all.  She then provides recommendations to the primary care team about medication modifications while in the hospital.

“Every initial consult is different because the reasons they’ve been hospitalized vary, as does their knowledge of diabetes self-management. Our number one priority is to optimally control their blood sugar through insulin management and/or other medication and nutrition.”

Each member of the Inpatient Blood Glucose Management Team follows their patients’ care throughout their entire hospitalization. They also update and discuss the outpatient self-management strategy, including cost effective treatment plans that have been proven to be successful. In addition to advising the hospital care team, they also educate the patient and their families about how best to self-manage their blood sugars after returning home. 

"The person living with diabetes is the most important member of their own care team. They must feel empowered to properly manage their blood glucose on a daily basis when they return home."