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Tips For Successful Diabetes Management

Doing something is better than doing nothing

You may not able to "do it all at once" but if you are doing something positive for your health each day, that is better than not taking action at all.

Take care of yourself so you can continue to take care of others

If you take care of children, an ill spouse, elderly parents, etc., it's easy to prioritize them and neglect yourself. Remember, you cannot be a quality caregiver if you are not in good health. 

Changing your environment can help change your behavior

It's easier to not buy the food you tend to overeat, than it is to say no to it in the moment.  Keep your glucose meter in a place where you will see it, instead of trying to remember to check your blood sugar.  Set an alarm, use sticky notes, and keep medication/insulin/meters in your sight. 

Prioritize your goals

You don't have to make too many changes all at once.  When you become overwhelmed, you are more likely to stop completely. Prioritizing one or two small things to work on will increase your confidence and improve your health.  Then, set additional goals when you are ready.

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

“I will eat smaller portions” or “I will test my blood sugars more often” are excellent goals, but too vague.

S – specific: Goals must be clear and well defined (e.g., I will test my blood sugars twice per day every day).

M – measurable: Goals must include precise amounts and dates so that you can measure your success (e.g., I will eat at least one vegetable with dinner every night for one month).

A – attainable: Goals must be realistic.  If you currently test your sugars once a day, it may not be realistic to think you will immediately begin testing 6 times per day.  

R – relevant: Goals must meet your needs. If overeating is your biggest problem, it may not be helpful to prioritize goals related to blood sugar testing.

T – timely: Set a timeframe and completion date (e.g., During the next two weeks, I will check my blood sugar every day in the morning and in the evening)