Services for Researchers

ServicesThe Conquering Diseases program is a research core available to UMass researchers through the University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational Science (UMCCTS). We offer researchers the following services:

Clinical Research Volunteer Registry
  • The Conquering Diseases Program recruits volunteers who are interested in participating in studies.
  • Researchers may request a listing of eligible volunteers based on their study criteria.
  • We require IRB approval and a docket number from the researcher in order to access the volunteers in our database.
Community Resource Center

Conquering Diseases staff can help recruit volunteers for your studies with the following services:

  • List your currently recruiting studies on our website;
  • Feature your study on our website;
  • Feature your studies in our monthly newsletter;
  • Spread the word about your studies at community events;
  • Display your IRB approved literature for studies in the Conquering Diseases Suite.
  • The Biorepository arm of the Conquering Diseases Program collects blood samples from patients who sign a consent form. The de-identified samples are broken down into their components and frozen for future use by researchers.
  • Researchers are given access to a database called MiCARD. Using this database, researches can search for patients who fit their unique criteria. Once they identify the samples they would like, the researchers petition Conquering Diseases for the samples. The samples are then released to the researchers for their use.
  • Using MiCARD, Biorepository staff can also assist researchers in identifying samples for their study.
Consultation Services

Conquering Diseases staff provides the following consultation services:

  • Biospecimen collection processes for studies,
  • Cohort feasibility,
  • MiCARD and ResearchMatch assistance,
  • Recruitment plan development,
  • Specialized population recruiting strategies,
  • Troubleshooting recruitment and retention difficulties.

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