Volunteer for the Biorepository


Would you like to help find better treatments and cures for health conditions and diseases? You can donate a blood specimen to our Biorepository! We need blood samples from healthy patients as well as patients who have a disease or health condition.

Your blood sample will be de-identified. In other words, information that could identify you is removed. However, your disease and health information will be linked to your sample. Having blood samples linked to disease and health history information, even without information that could identify those giving a blood sample, will help scientists and doctors discover new ways to treat and prevent diseases. Their work will make new treatments available to people in our community.

Please visit us at the Conquering Diseases Program suite at UMass Medical School. We are located at 55 Lake Avenue in the Ambulatory Care Center, on the first floor. You can also contact us to make an appointment to have your blood drawn for the Biorepository at 508-856-2557 or ConqueringDiseases@umassmed.edu.