Importance of Research

About Research

Researcher in labClinical Research is a partnership between doctors and other health care providers and patients working together to improve medicine. Research includes studying interventions, like new treatments or medicines, to understand them better. Research can also involve comparing healthy volunteers to persons with specific conditions to learn what causes disease. The goal of clinical research is to cure disease and improve quality of life for our patients and their families.
While clinical research is not for everyone, many times clinical research leads to important medical advances that can benefit participants and future patients.

Who Performs Research?

UMass Memorial Health Care research is performed by health care professionals in every specialty, from family doctors, to specialists, surgeons and mental health providers. Clinical research can not advance without the health care professionals and patients working together throughout Massachusetts, the United States and the world.

Why Does Clinical Research Need Volunteers?

In order to improve treatment options or increase chances of survival for particular diseases, scientists must test new treatments against current treatments. Many serious illnesses rely on new treatments in order to save our patients’ lives. Sometimes important clinical research remains uncompleted largely because enough volunteers could not be recruited.

At UMass Memorial, we know many people want to help advance medicine. Often times, volunteers are eager to help further research in areas that affect friends and family. Sometimes the results of a study won’t help patients today but will improve medicine and health for people in the future.

We know that many people are willing to help but don’t know how to get started. At Conquering Diseases, we help connect those interested in participating in studies with the study investigators. By enrolling as a volunteer in our Clinical Volunteer Registry, you can take part in advancing medicine for improved health care and medicine today and in the future. We hope this website will help empower you to increase your awareness and participation in clinical research studies.

If you have questions, please call our Conquering Diseases line at 508-856-2557.