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Mission Statement

Purpose: The continuing medical education mission of University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School is to improve the well-being and health status of the people of Massachusetts, the United States and certain other nations by offering educational programs for medical trainees and providers that will improve their clinical competence.  It is also our intent to review, and where appropriate, incorporate into UMass Chan educational programs innovative approaches developed and tested by other CME providers.  In addition the UMass Chan Medical Schoolwill take the initiative to develop its own innovative approaches to medical education in subject areas where we have the greatest competence.

Target Audience:  The primary objective of the Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME) is the provision of quality educational opportunities to the medical school faculty, graduates and students, as well as physicians and other healthcare professionals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and across the United States. OCME also collaborates with agencies and organizations committed to improving the public health through the education of medical providers and community members.

 Content Area:

  • UMass Chan Medical School- OCME will offer a variety of relevant, high-quality education programs through lectures, workshops, case simulations and online activities for health care professionals at all levels.
  • When indicated by public health circumstances (epidemics, disasters, etc.) – the OCME will become an educational resource for both healthcare professionals and for the general public.
  • It is the intent of UMass Chan Medical School-OCME to achieve national distinction in continuing education programming by providing state-of-the-art medical education, and that is based on peer review and clinical research.

Types of Activities: 

  • Data will be collected by surveying health care providers regarding their perceived educational needs, interaction with hospital quality assurance and care oversight committee, surveying medical literature, review of reports from public health resources, publications in peer-reviewed journals and review of evaluations completed by healthcare providers participating in OCME activities..
  • Determine, from review of medical literature, when research advances improving the quality of patient care that can be achieved by addressing gaps in medical knowledge through medical education.
  • Focus on gaps in interdisciplinary and inter-specialty care of patients with complex medical surgical needs.

Expected Results:  The UMass Chan Medical School-OCME fulfills its mission by assisting physicians and other providers adopt new concepts and skills into their practice and thereby advancing the standard of care and improving patient outcomes.