Certificate of Intensive Training in Motivational Interviewing -- Course Details

  • 10 pre-recorded, online, "Lessons"
  • Monthly, live online, interactive group "Learning Labs"
  • Individual Practice Sessions with an Acting Patient
  • Feedback on MI skills using the MITI 4 coding system
  • Individual coaching sessions with a faculty member
Course Objectives

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Tuition & Payment
  • $1400 per individual--please note that we do not allow multiple individuals to view the course with a single registration.  Each individual must register separately
  • payment can be made with credit card, check or institutional POs
  • group rates and UMass discounts available, please contact a learning specialist.
Technology Requirements:

An internet connected device: laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone 

For the "Learning Labs," a microphone and speakers on your internet-connected device will be necessary. 

For the Acting Patient encounters and Coaching sessions, you will need a phone; please note that we cannot be responsible for any phone charges. 

   International Students

You will need a phone capable of receiving/making calls to the US.  Please check your phone service, we cannot be responsible for phone charges/overages/internet usage.

Continuing Education credits available

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