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Two-day group medical visit in-person training

The workshop will be led by Paula Gardiner, MD, MPH Associate Director of Research and Associate Professor, UMassMed and  Jeff Geller, MD, Director of Integrative Medicine and Group Medical Visits for Kronos Health, President of the Integrated Center for Group Medical Visits.  This two-day, interactive training will focus on the techniques, benefits, and research behind providing group visits for patients with chronic conditions.  Paula and Jeff will address how to facilitate both open and closed groups as well as guide administrators in how to bill for and manage such visits.

This training is for those who are implementing Medical Group Visits in their clinical practices and will be helpful for both administrators and clinicians.   The training is taking place in the Integrated Center for Group Medical Visits, the first training center of its kind.  This will allow us to more easily demonstrate clinical flow, registration, recruitment, documentation and other important tasks as well as specific learning topics, such as

  • Overview of Types of Medical Group Visits – a Review of Evidence
  • Successful Strategies for Implementing a Medical Group Visit
  • Empowerment visit curriculum
  • Promoting Effective and Positive Communication in groups
  • Promoting in  Safety Group Settings
  • Working towards financial sustainability

Administrative aspects including:

  • billing and sustainability
  • logistical management including space set up and staffing
  • legal issues including consent and insurance.

Provider aspects including:

  • Facilitation skills for groups
  • Individual group visits encounter

Conference Location: Integrated Center for Group Medical Visits at Kronos Health, 360 Merrimack St, Lawrence MA, Building 9, Entrance G.

Don't miss this learning opportunity

Saturday, Sep. 14th (9am-5pm) – Sunday, Sep. 15th (9am-5pm)

  • Meals will be provided
  • CMEs will be available

Costs: $500 per person until June 30th, then $600.  Discounts for students and residents are available; please inquire

Here are just a few of the positives participants pinpointed after our last workshop on this topic:

"Group facilitation hands-on experience was excellent and very helpful...Learning about open group visits, this was a new concept to me. Changing my thinking from creating a curriculum to using the empowerment model...Specific skills were provided in an interactive manner".

This event is being co-sponsored by UMass Center for Integrated Primary Care and Integrated Center for Group Medical Visits

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