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Known Flagellar Proteins

Known Proteins
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
135394|gb|AAA33095.1| alpha-1 Tubulin TUA1 alpha tubulin C_30120 (GB) genie.43.21 31 Info
27358004|gb|AAN87017.1| alpha-2 tubulin TUA2 alpha tubulin C_1320004 (GB) genie.1246.0 35 Info
167456|gb|AAA33101.1| beta-1 tubulin TUB1 beta tubulin C_70002 (GB) genie.853.1 34 Info
167458|gb|AAA33102.1| beta-2 tubulin TUB2 beta tubulin C_70152 (GB) genie.195.0 27 Info
Intraflagellar Transport
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
1169693|sp|P46869|FL10_CHLRE FLA10, Kinesin-II Motor Protein FLA10 Fla10 Kinesin II C_1880008 (GB) genie.234.12 23 Info
6002292|emb|CAB56748.1| DHC1b, Cytoplasmic Dynein Heavy Chain 1b DHC1b DHC1b C_750046 (GB) genie.211.6 88 Info
||| IFT57, Intraflagellar Transport Protein 57 IFT57 IFT57 C_1630013 (GB) genie.55.23 7 Info
29825690|gb|AAO92260|AY245434.1 IFT72/74, Intraflagellar Transport Protein 72 and 74 IFT72/74 IFT72/74 C_410035 (GB) genie.246.13 33 Info
21700234|gb|AAM75748.1|AF285762_1 IFT20, Intraflagellar Transport Protein 20 IFT20 IFT20 C_1510005 (GB) genewise.340.14.1 5 Info
15987823|gb|AAL12162.1|AF420244_1 IFT52, Intraflagellar Transport Protein 52 BLD1 IFT52 C_1260018 (GB) genie.394.8 5 Info
||| IFT80, Intraflagellar Transport protein 80 CHE2 IFT80 C_120075 (GB) genie.26.22 7 Info
51242686|gb|AAT99262|AY615519.1 IFT81, Intraflagellar Transport Protein 81 IFT81 IFT81 C_10177 (GB) genie.37.9 26 Info
11528335|gb|AAG37228.1|AF298884_1 IFT88, Intraflagellar Transport Protein 88 IFT88 IFT88 C_720060 (GB) genie.260.8 14 Info
||| IFT122, Intraflagellar Transport Protein 122 IFT122 IFT122 C_1190053 (GB) genie.1381.1 16 Info
51101256|gb|AAT95430|AY686103.1 IFT140, Intraflagellar Transport Protein 140 IFT140 IFT140 C_640055 (GB) genie.20.15 17 Info
47680185|gb|AAT37069|AY616759.1 D1bLIC, Dynein 1b Light Intermediate Chain D1bLIC D1bLIC C_1530011 (GB) genie.319.8 10 Info
||| IFT172, Intraflagellar Transport Protein 172 IFT172 IFT172 C_170190 (GB) genie.768.1 47 Info
||| FLA8 Kinesin II Motor Protein FLA8 FLA8 Kinesin II Motor Subunit C_160226 (GB) genie.245.6 19 Info
58201898|gb|AAW67004| KAP, Kinesin II associated Protein FLA3 KAP C_620048 (GB) genie.185.0 4 Info
Outer Dynein Arm
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
18277872|sp|Q39610|DYHA_CHLRE ODA-DHCa, Outer Dynein Arm Heavy Chain alpha ODA11 DHC alpha C_670028 (GB) genie.820.3 23 Info
2494208|sp|Q39565|DYHB_CHLRE ODA-DHCb, Outer Dynein Arm Heavy Chain beta ODA4 DHC beta C_220096 (GB) genie.209.2 34 Info
2494209|sp|Q39575|DYHG_CHLRE ODA-DHCg, Outer Dynein Arm Heavy Chain gamma ODA2 DHC gamma C_1710010 (GB) genie.406.4 22 Info
2494215|sp|Q39578|DYI2_CHLRE ODA-IC1, Outer Dynein Arm Intermediate Chain 1 ODA9 IC1, IC78 C_960025 (GB) genie.472.1 14 Info
118968|sp|P27766|DYI3_CHLRE ODA-IC2, Outer Dynein Arm Intermediate Chain 2 ODA6 IC2, IC69 C_370072 (GB) genie.173.16 9 Info
5230843|gb|AAD41040.1|AF112476_1 ODA-LC1, Outer Dynein Arm Light Chain 1 DLC1 ODA-LC1 C_680013 (GB) genie.58.3 7 Info
7484392|pir||T08216 ODA-LC2, Outer Dynein Arm Light Chain 2 ODA12 ODA-LC2 C_380086 (GB) genie.15.37 3 Info
2493447|sp|Q39584|DYL3_CHLRE ODA-LC4, Outer Dynein Arm Light Chain 4 DLC4 ODA-LC4 C_180045 (GB) genie.34.7 2 Info
2501201|sp|Q39592|DYL5_CHLRE ODA-LC3, Outer Dynein Arm Light Chain 3, 16KD DLC3 ODA-LC3 C_380098 (GB) genewise.15.21.1 7 Info
2501200|sp|Q39591|DYL4_CHLRE ODA-LC5, Outer Dynein Arm Light Chain 5, 14KD DLC5 ODA-LC5 C_590029 (GB) genewise.631.35.1 2 Info
5639737|gb|AAD45881.1|AF140239_1 ODA-LC7, Outer Dynein Arm Light Chain 7 ODA15 ODA-LC7 C_780049 (GB) genie.1025.3 8 Info
747964|gb|AAA80216.1| ODA-LC6, Outer Dynein Arm Light Chain 6, 11KD ODA13 ODA-LC6 C_30222 (GB) genewise.276.32.1 6 Info
755460|gb|AAA80586.1| ODA-LC8, Outer Dynein Arm Light Chain 8, 8KD FLA14 ODA-LC8 C_2020008 (GB) genie.3.25 8 Info
2150041|gb|AAC49732.1| ODA-DC1, Outer Dynein Arm Docking Complex 1, Mr 105,000 ODA3 ODA-DC1 C_170077 (GB) genie.768.2 18 Info
21654757|gb|AAK72125.1| ODA-DC2, Outer Dynein Arm Docking Complex 2, Mr 70,000 ODA1 ODA-DC2 C_970037 (GB) genie.91.10 18 Info
41745812|gb|AAS10183|AY452532.1 ODA5, Outer Dynein Arm Protein ODA5 ODA5 C_420072 (GB) genie.550.0   Info
31540593|gb|AAP49435.1| ODA-DC3, Outer Dynein Arm Docking Complex 3, Mr 25,000 ODA14 ODA-DC3 C_240117 (GB) genie.961.2 9 Info
46518741|gb|AAS10182|AY452531.1 ODA5-associated adenylate kinase   ODA5-AK C_1390012 (GB) genie.655.0 25 Info
||| ODA-LC7b, Outer Dynein Arm Light Chain 7b   ODA-LC7b C_70068 (GB)   4 Info
Inner Dynein Arms
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
4493339|emb|CAB39162.1| DHC11, Dynein Heavy Chain 11 DHC11 DHC11 C_950024 (GB) genie.39.20 8 Info
1663734|gb|AAC49513.1| DHC9, Dynein Heavy Chain 9 DHC9 DHC9 C_7270001 (GB) genie.1357.1 28 Info
1663732|gb|AAC49512.1| DHC8, Dynein Heavy Chain 8 DHC8 DHC8 C_560103 (GB) genie.1.62 26 Info
1663748|gb|AAC49520.1| DHC7, Dynein Heavy Chain 7 DHC7 DHC7 C_2600003 (GB) genie.1121.1 42 Info
1663746|gb|AAC49519.1| DHC6, Dynein Heavy Chain 6 DHC6 DHC6 C_360006 (GB) genie.507.4 29 Info
1663744|gb|AAC49518.1| DHC5, Dynein Heavy Chain 5   DHC5 C_20038 (GB) genie.18.10 31 Info
1663742|gb|AAC49517.1| DHC4, Dynein Heavy Chain 4   DHC4 C_20225 (GB) genie.18.14 12 Info
1663740|gb|AAC49516.1| DHC3, Dynein Heavy Chain 3   DHC3 C_270078 (GB) genie.99.2 2 Info
1663738|gb|AAC49515.1| DHC2, Dynein Heavy Chain 2   DHC2 C_80197 (GB) genie.455.4 52 Info
5931718|emb|CAB56598.1| IA1-DHC1a. Inner Dynein Arm Heavy Chain 1-alpha   IA1-DHC1a C_1150005 (GB) genie.108.8 106 Info
9409781|emb|CAB99316.1| IA1-DHC1b, Inner Dynein Arm Heavy Chain 1-beta   DHC10 C_10076 (GB) genie.116.4 65 Info
5566262|gb|AAD45352.1|AF159260_1 IA1-IC140, Inner Dynein Arm I1 Intermediate Chain IC140   IA1-IC140 C_530081 (GB) genie.90.12 28 Info
47131154|gb|DAA05278|BK004867.1 Tctex2b, Similar to ODA-LC2   Tctex2b C_80051 (GB) genewise.114.3.1 5 Info
662906|emb|CAA88139.1| IA-IC28, Inner Dynein Arm Light Chain p28   p28 C_740003 (GB) genie.809.9 21 Info
915194|gb|BAA09450|D50839.1 Actin, Inner Dynein Arm Intermediate Chain IDA5 Actin C_1310009 (GB) genie.909.3 22 Info
7484373|pir||T07930 Dynein Light Chain Tctex1   Tctex1 C_900042 (GB) genie.483.2 1 Info
115745|sp|P05434|CATR_CHLRE Caltractin / Centrin 20 kD Calcium-Binding Protein   Centrin / Caltractin C_1500009 (GB) genie.1101.5 6 Info
53771767|gb|AAU93505|AY743342.1 Axonemal Inner Arm I1 Intermediate Chain Dynein IC138 BOP5 IA1-IC138 C_160036 (GB)   23 Info
Dynein Regulatory Complex
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
32265046|gb|AAP57169.1| PF2, Dynein Regulatory Complex Protein PF2 PF2 C_1410017 (GB) genie.310.3 16 Info
Radial Spoke
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
134041|sp|P12759|RSP3_CHLRE RSP3, Radial Spoke Protein 3   RSP3 C_290063 (GB) genie.105.16 27 Info
401050|sp|Q01656|RSP4_CHLRE RSP4, Radial Spoke Protein 4   RSP4 C_1810004 (GB) genie.416.7 10 Info
401051|sp|Q01657|RSP6_CHLRE RSP6, Radial Spoke Protein 6   RSP6 C_1810005 (GB) genie.416.6 10 Info
||| RSP23, Flagellar Radial Spoke Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase RSP23 RSP23 C_60025 (GB) genie.399.6 13 Info
||| RSP8, Radial Spoke Protein 8   RSP8 C_50211 (GB) genie.524.3 13 Info
||| RSP15, Radial Spoke Protein 15   RSP15 C_2440005 (GB) genie.2667.0 6 Info
||| RSP17, Radial Spoke Protein 17   RSP17 C_420011 (GB) genie.135.3 15 Info
||| RSP1, Radial Spoke Protein 1   RSP1 C_120055 (GB) genie.10.2 23 Info
37528882|gb|AAQ92371|AY373262.1 RSP2, Radial Spoke Protein 2   RSP2 C_130121 (GB) genie.25.26 25 Info
||| RSP5, Radial Spoke Protein 5   RSP5 C_70095 (GB) genie.450.3 15 Info
||| RSP7, Radial Spoke Protein 7   RSP7 C_100189 (GB) genie.2169.0 3 Info
||| RSP9, Radial Spoke Protein 9   RSP9 C_450112 (GB) genie.301.7 17 Info
||| RSP10, Radial Spoke Protein 10   RSP10 C_900027 (GB) genie.2413.0 9 Info
||| RSP11, Radial Spoke Protein 11   RSP11 C_830019 (GB) genewise.1762.11.1 8 Info
||| RSP12, Radial Spoke Protein 12   RSP12 C_20323 (GB) genie.1146.1 6 Info
||| RSP16, Radial Spoke Protein 16   RSP16 C_490039 (GB) genie.147.14 26 Info
Central Pair
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
1170672|sp|P46870|KLP1_CHLRE KLP1, Kinesin-Like Protein 1   KLP1 C_50080 (GB) genie.182.10 31 Info
1101777|gb|AAC49169.1| PF16, Central Pair Protein PF16 PF16 C_80166 (GB) genie.114.4 9 Info
3122601|sp|P93107|PF20_CHLRE PF20, Central Pair Associated WD-Repeat Protein PF20 PF20 C_40010 (GB) genie.1848.1 8 Info
5053113|gb|AAD38856.1| PP1, Phosphatase 1   PP1 C_2260011 (GB) genie.850.3 10 Info
13676773|gb|AAK38270.1|AF327876_1 PF6, Central Pair Protein PF6 PF6 C_60158 (GB) genie.751.3 42 Info
48249490|gb|AAT40991|AY601881.1 CPC1, Central Pair Complex 1 CPC1 CPC1 C_1580011 (GB)   56 Info
Flagellar Membrane
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
33591148|gb|AAQ23078|AY348297.1 Gliding motility related CaM kinase not assigned   C_970048 (GB)   1 Info
27922947|gb|AAO25117.1| FMG-1A, Flagella Membrane Glycoprotein 1A   flagella membrane glycoprotein 1A C_730054 (GB) genie.927.0 7 Info
27922949|gb|AAO25118.1| FMG-1B, Flagella Membrane Glycoprotein 1B   flagella membrane glycoprotein 1B C_730051 (GB) genie.1177.3 52 Info
21039486|gb|AAM33652.1|AF508983_1 Mastigoneme Mastigoneme gene Mastigoneme C_1230030 (GB) genewise.279.27.1 28 Info
Basal Body
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
46370386|gb|AAS89977|AY581824.1 Bardet-Biedl syndrome 5 BBS5 BBS5 C_270058 (GB)   1 Info
1098639|gb|AAA82610|U31545.1 Tubulin Gamma TUG TUG C_190158 (GB)     Info
7441381|gb|T07903| Tubulin Delta UNI3 Delta Tubulin C_30224 (GB)     Info
20514387|gb|AAM23012|AF502577.1 Tubulin Epsiolon, Bald 2 BLD2 Epsilon Tubulin C_460065 (GB)     Info
1418268|gb|AAB03789|U56982.1 SF-assemblin   SF-assemblin C_1050025 (GB)     Info
||| Bardet-Biedl Syndrome 8 BBS8 BBS8 C_970071 (GB)     Info
||| Bardet-Biedl Syndrome 7 BBS7 BBS7 C_1330001 (GB)     Info
||| Bardet-Biedl Syndrome 4 BBS4 BBS4 C_70158 (GB)     Info
||| Bardet-Biedl Syndrome 3 ARL6 ARL6 C_970056 (GB)   2 Info
||| Bardet-Biedl Syndrome 2 BBS2 BBS2 C_200109 (GB)     Info
||| Bardet-Biedl Syndrome 1 BBS1 BBS1 C_1020033 (GB)     Info
||| Similar to oral-facial-digital 1 OFD1 OFD1 C_170080 (GB)     Info
37624751|gb|AAQ95705|AY328089.1 Variable Flagellar Number 3 VFL3 VFL3 C_600069 (GB)   1 Info
45735396|gb|BAD00740|AB116368.1 Basal Body Protein BLD10 BLD10 BLD10p C_660053 (GB)   1 Info
||| Bardet-Biedl Syndrome 9 BBS9 BBS9 C_1260027 (GB)   1 Info
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
115506|sp|P04352|CALM_CHLRE Calmodulin   Calmodulin C_860007 (GB) genie.17.15 9 Info
4689324|gb|AAD27849.1|AF131736_1 DIP13, Deflagellation Inducible Protein, 13KD   DIP13 C_10352 (GB) genie.37.23 8 Info
24638460|sp|P25840|HS70_CHLRE HSP70, Heat Shock 70 kDa Protein   HSP70 C_1340012 (GB) genie.2640.0 15 Info
20219008|gb|AAM15771.1|AF394181_1 MBO2, Coiled-Coil Flagellar Protein MBO2 MBO2 C_1660006 (GB) genie.272.0 26 Info
6979562|gb|AAF34540.1|AF196577_1 RIB43a, Flagellar Protofilament Ribbon Protein   RIB43a C_860059 (GB) genie.17.9 33 Info
21239432|gb|AAM44303.1|AF512500_1 RIB72, nucleoside-diphosphokinase regulatory subunit p72   RIB72 C_680086 (GB) genie.58.23 44 Info
||| PP2A, Protein Phosphatase 2a   PP2a C_1410025 (GB) genie.803.2 11 Info
14133547|gb|AAK54060.1| Profilin   profilin C_130122 (GB) genie.25.27 3 Info
31442297|gb|BAC77347|AB111498.1 Tektin not assigned tektin C_60116 (GB)   24 Info
Mating Related
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
9716372|gb|AAF97501.1| CALK protein kinase CALK gene CALK C_380025 (GB) genie.15.4   Info
50660932|gb|AAT81143|AY605666.1 cGMP-dependent protein kinase PKG1 PKG1 C_50062 (GB)   9 Info
2129456|gb|S65083| Methionine Synthase METE Methionine Synthase C_2020016 (GB)   23 Info
1019887|gb|AAA96956|U36196.1 Protein Kinase Regulated by Mating not assigned SKS C_380089 (GB)   10 Info
Length Control
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
||| LF3, Long Flagella 3 LF3 LF3 C_900047 (GB)     Info
32130553|gb|AAO86688.1| LF4, Long Flagella Protein LF4 LF4 C_11830001 (GB) genie.3035.0 1 Info
32454910|gb|AAP83163|AY298951.1 LF1, Long Flagella 1 LF1 LF1 C_20011 (GB)     Info
48093968|gb|AAT40314|AY621077.1 Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 GSK3 GSK3 C_490046 (GB)   6 Info
NCBI Database IDDescriptionGene NameProtein NameJGI V2JGI V1Unique Pepts.Info
46562016|gb|AAT01224|AY597210.1 katanin p80 subunit PF15   C_110001 (GB)     Info
6466293|gb|AAF12877.1|AF205377_1 p60 katanin p60 gene p60 C_130002 (GB) genie.25.20   Info
29124955|gb|AAO62368.1| EB1, microtubule-associated protein EB1 EB1 EB1 C_1020014 (GB) genie.1329.2 2 Info
19338976|gb|AAL86904.1| Flagellar Autotomy Protein FA2, Protein Kinase FA2 FA2 C_100034 (GB) genie.21.22 4 Info
7671199|gb|AAF66419|AF246990.1 Flagellar Autotomy Protein Fa1p FA1 FA1p C_200198 (GB)     Info
33311064|gb|AAQ03597|AF416462.1 Novel Actin-Like Protein NAP1 NAP1 C_16320001 (GB)     Info