MBSR Teacher Certification Review | SR-504

SR-504Train-the-Trainer: MBSR Teacher Certification Review

Two live online training sessions

MBSR Teacher Certification Review (SR-504) is the recognition of an MBSR Teacher Trainees’ in-depth comprehension and skillful delivery of the MBSR curriculum.  Two online sessions are designed to provide the criteria and process of assessing students as they move towards becoming Certified MBSR teachers.

Learning Objectives

  • Summarize all aspects of Teacher Training: overview, rationale, structure, process and assessment criteria leading up to and comprising the MBSR Teacher Certification Review
  • Delineate the learning objectives of professional teacher education that lead to the culmination of MBSR Teacher Certification Review
  • Define MBSR teacher competencies investigated in the Teacher Certification Review


  • Apply and utilize assessment criteria employed in determining teacher competency in recognized domains
  • Recognize gaps in knowledge and skill related to TCR applicant’s teaching and determine appropriate and effective strategies to support further development
  • Communicate effectively with the TCR applicant the determination of their review, including needed next steps

Course Overview

Two live online sessions are designed to provide training in the process of assessing students in becoming certified MBSR teachers. Teacher trainers will learn assessment criteria and methodology for appraising their trainees by analyzing and critiquing samples of anonymous TCR applications. They will compile assessment documentation to determine if an applicant can be awarded Teacher Certification or requires additional education or training, and formulate appropriate educational recommendations. Teacher Trainers are guided through the process of granting Teacher Certification to their students and presenting them with award notifications.