MBSR Fundamentals | SR-501

SR-501Train-the-Trainer: MBSR Fundamentals

Ten live online training sessions

To further the dissemination of MBSR programs, this Train-the-Trainer course is designed to educate experienced CFM certified MBSR teachers in the principles and methodology of the MBSR Fundamentals course, the first level of instruction for MBSR teacher trainees. This Train-the-Trainer course immerses the teacher trainer in the underlying ethos of the MBSR program by providing education that reinforces comprehension of the intention, structure, curriculum, and content of the MBSR program.

Training includes planning and developing structures for the sequence of the MBSR Fundamentals classes, review of content, design, teaching methodology, student readiness and development, and relevant current research for training others to become MBSR teachers.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate facility in teaching the theoretical, philosophical, pedagogical, and scientific underpinnings of the MBSR Fundamentals curriculum
  • Analyze the MBSR Fundamentals curriculum in relation to an adult-learning model; explicate adult learning principles as they are utilized in teaching
  • Demonstrate teaching elements of the MBSR Fundamentals curriculum


  • Delineate the essential components of the MBSR Fundamentals curriculum, including site-specific applications
  • Elaborate on the underlying pedagogy of essential components of the MBSR Fundamentals curriculum
  • Construct knowledge and skills needed to teach components of the MBSR Fundamentals course
  • Identify goals for MBSR teacher trainees as a means of expanding their capacity to work with the experience of stress, pain, grief, and anxiety within themselves and when working with others
  • Utilizing skills and insights honed through formal and informal mindfulness practice when integrated in the MBSR learning model

Course Overview

This 10-session live online Teacher Training (TT) program explores in depth the dynamic learning experience from the perspective of both participant and practitioner. All of the learning activities are designed to develop the personal qualities of the teacher, including sensitivity, knowledge, and skill necessary to lead an MBSR Fundamentals course.  

Train-The-Trainer MSBR Fundamentals offers MBSR teacher trainees the opportunity to learn from their direct experience and ongoing reflection within the 8-week MBSR program. The MBSR Fundamentals teacher guides students as they fully engage in the MBSR classes and with fellow participants. Together, they explore and inquire into direct experience, the contextual and theoretical background of MBSR, the 8-week MBSR curriculum, the local culture of the course and racial/ethnic context for participants, as well as intra- and interpersonal dynamics as they arise within the MBSR class and the MBSR Fundamentals course.

The Teacher Trainer investigates perspectives on adult learning, human development, and healing within the context of the MBSR program. The trainee also explores various pedagogical methods to introduce these elements in the MBSR Fundamentals training along with developing effective means of assessment and evaluation.  Incorporated in the Train-the-Trainer MBSR Fundamentals is consideration of group process, comprehension of the learning activities, and exploration of feedback and assessment.