Mentoring | SR-505 - SR-508

Train-the-Trainer (TT) Mentoring is designed to offer guidance and support to MBSR teachers who are about to begin teacher training fieldwork following completion of all four courses in the MBSR Train-the-Trainer program.

  • Mentoring sessions are one-on-one scheduled to align with the trainee's delivery of an MBSR teacher training
  • Mentoring sessions reinforce the experiential learning of new MBSR teacher trainers with opportunities to target questions, investigate challenges, refine methods of working with a group, deliver case studies and receive guidance
  • An assessment with recommendations follows completion of the minimum number of mentoring sessions for each course (see below)
Course Number Name Sessions 1:1
SR-505 Train-the-Trainer: Mentoring in MBSR Fundamentals 4 $700 $813
SR-506 Train-the-Trainer: Mentoring in MBSR Practice Teaching Intensive 4 $700 $813
SR-507-I Train-the-Trainer: Mentoring in MBSR Individual Supervision 4 $700 n/a
SR-507-G Train-the-Trainer: Mentoring in MBSR Group Supervision 4 $700 n/a
SR-508 Train-the-Trainer: Mentoring in MBSR Teacher Certification 2 $350 n/a

CFM MBSR Teacher Trainer Certification

With successful completion of a TT Mentoring course and assessment, the teacher trainer receives acknowledgement of competence and recognition as a CFM Certified MBSR Teacher Trainer for that course:

  • CFM Certified MBSR Fundamentals Teacher Trainer
  • CFM Certified MBSR Practice Teaching Intensive Teacher Trainer
  • CFM Certified MBSR Supervision Teacher Trainer
  • CFM Certified MBSR TCR Teacher Trainer