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MBSR Group Supervision |SR-403

SR-403MBSR Group Supervision

NOTE: As of February 2, 2018 for those entering the Teacher Education Pathway, Group Supervision (SR-403) is required to obtain CFM qualified MBSR Teacher status.  Those already in the Teacher Education Pathway will not be impacted by this change.

As of January 1, 2017, Group Supervision (SR-403) is a requirement for those beginning Teacher Education (TE) (formerly known as the Oasis Professional Training Pathway).

It is not a requirement for those already in the Teacher Education Pathway, prior to January 1, 2017.

Group Supervision in MBSR: Beginning to Teach

Group Supervision is a requirement for Teacher Certification that recognizes the need for close support of new teachers. This program, like all the CFM Oasis training components, provides an experiential route to skill development, knowledge enhancement and the cultivation of teacher attributes and embodiment of mindfulness.

Offered in a live, online videoconferencing format, this 10-week group supervision offers new MBSR teachers an opportunity to work in a small group with a CFM senior trainer. Week by week, the group will explore the lived experience of the 8-week curriculum, including the orientation process and the all-day class.

Created specifically for new MBSR teachers who have successfully completed Practice Teaching Intensive (SR-402), it offers a cohort design as well as time for study, analysis, and investigation of both curriculum elements and teaching demands of each MBSR class in the 8-week program. Facilitated by a senior CFM trainer and in the company of peers, participants gain experience and depth through exploration of the dynamic form of the 8-week curriculum, inquiry into themes that arise in the live encounter of the MBSR classroom, and reflection on meeting oneself in the crucible of teaching.

This investigation will be supported by the Mindfulness-Based Interventions Teacher Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC). In addition, we will discuss how to prepare for class (including materials and making recordings), meeting oneself in the practice of teaching, inquiry choicepoints, and what is fresh in our own minds and hearts as we come to know ourselves through the practice of teaching.

Participants will have opportunities to present briefly to their cohort and also lead the group in a short mindfulness meditation practice at the beginning of each session. More information will be offered in the first class.

Upon successful completion of Group Supervision in MBSR (SR-403), prospective MBSR teachers are granted CFM qualified MBSR Teacher status.


Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and discuss the intention and theoretical underpinnings within each component of the 8-week curriculum
  • Identify and discuss ways for working with the group that foster safety and community
  • Begin to recognize and articulate how concepts and practice unfolds through the eight weeks
  • Describe the skillful use of learning activities and didactic frames to best support participants’ enthusiasm and engagement with practice
  • Analyze and practice the use of skillful dialogue and inquiry in class discussions
  • Examine, appraise and justify where options and adaptations can be introduced
  • Recognize and demonstrate competence and skill in delivering the curriculum with fluidity and depth through describing personal teaching experiences and/or leading practice for supervision participants
  • Investigate personal patterns that show up in teaching and examine ways of working with them in the moment


  • Augment skill in conveying the curriculum with fidelity, fluidity and depth
  • Increase fluency in the unfolding of MBSR foundations and practice through the eight weeks
  • Identify and clarify where options and adaptations can be introduced
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Technology Requirements

To ensure the best possible experience for all participants, the program relies on video conferencing which has minimum requirements to work properly. That includes having a computer with speakers, microphone, and video capabilities, and a high-speed internet connection.

For the best learning experience:

  1. Review the computer set-up and requirements for the Blackboard Learning Management System 
  2. Run the browser checker for the Blackboard Learning Management System
  3. Review the system requirements for the Zoom online meeting platform
  4. Try out a test meeting
  5. Test your audio and video in the meeting
  6. Watch the video tutorial below:

Joining a Meeting With Zoom


Overview of joining and participating in a Zoom meeting.