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Continuing Education for Providers

Mindfulness in Medicine - standing practice

For medical and behavioral health professionals

Reviews the most recent clinical and neuroscience research, and demonstrates a variety of mindfulness meditation applications that are now in clinical use


In this three-hour program, we will explore how mindfulness and mindfulness-based practices have been demonstrated to:

  • Support healing and improved health and well-being
  • Decrease clinician burnout
  • Increase empathy and strengthen clinician/patient communication and relationships
  • Provide evidence-based treatment for specific diagnoses such as chronic pain, addiction, anxiety, depression, stress, and stress-related symptoms

Who should attend:

Medical and behavioral health professionals.

Educational Objectives:

  • Discuss the origins and rationale of mindfulness-based interventions
  • Detail core elements of mindfulness practice and various methods of practice
  • Identify and discuss the clinical benefits of mindfulness practices for healthcare professional and their patients
  • Explore the latest scientific data about the activity changes in the brain that contribute to behavior change
  • Learn more about the factors that support establishing a daily mindfulness practice and how to bring this knowledge and practice into your everyday life and work
  • Identify reliable mindfulness resources