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September 17 - WEBINAR

Who and What Am I?: The Shared (and Real) Work of MBSR Teachers and MBSR Participants

Sign In to WatchSaki Santorelli, Senior MBSR Teacher, Webinar

Join Saki Santorelli in an exploration of the Center's inaugural Fall Teaching Institute. Whether you are an MBSR teacher, teacher in training or a participant in an MBSR course, this 40-minute Webinar will provoke you into wondering more deeply about your self-identity. You'll have an opportunity to inquire and reflect upon who and what you are. Together, we’ll get to look more closely at just how often our beliefs, ideas, and opinions about who and what we are pale in comparison to the radiance we discover when we look more deeply, wonder more widely, and shine the light of mindfulness more directly on our usual views of self. 
Running Time: 39:35

September 24 - WEBINAR

This Being Human…Exploring the Relational Essence in MBSR

Sign In to WatchFlorence Meleo-Meyer, MS, MA

Join Florence Meleo-Meyer as she explores intimacy and relationship in MSBR. Whether you are a participant or a teacher, the MBSR program progressively invites us to become intimate with our immediate experience. Through discipline, our curiosity deepens and allows us to be more fully with the way things are in the body and mind. This intimacy builds through our moment by moment awareness of bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions, perceptions, what is wanted and what we wants to run from. Strengthening and being with this sensitivity takes courage and the willingness to continue turning toward what is happening internally and externally. The MBSR class has the potential to develop from an initial group of individuals to a vibrant, proactive, learning community of people showing up, practicing and dialoguing about their stress, struggles and discoveries. In the sharing, an individual is affirmed, challenged, supported and inspired by the shared practice and collective wisdom. In this way, the class becomes a relational field rich with the dynamics of uniqueness, interconnectivity, social conditioning, and potential freedom.

October 1 - WEBINAR

The Cultivation of an MBSR Teacher

Sign In to WatchElana Rosenbaum Fall Teaching Institute Webinar 2014

Join Elana Rosenbaum as she brings her decades of experience as a teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to investigate what it means to embody mindfulness and live what we teach. Speaking from her heart, Elana describes what brought her to this work and the qualities needed to take your seat as a mindfulness teacher. She asks if you are willing to be in the fire and have the courage to be authentic, curious, make mistakes, and maintain perspective in this life long adventure of being. Can you trust the process of awakening and be fully present to what emerges? Through poems and stories Elana describes what is called upon in being a teacher and asks you to reflect upon your willingness to embody what is being taught. She asks, what is being lived in your practice? Are you willing to remember again and again what brings you to this work to be fully present in the service of others and your self?

October 8 - WEBINAR           

Some Reflections and Guidance on the Cultivation of Mindfulness and its Moment-by-Moment Integration in Life Unfolding

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD - Fall Teaching Institute Webinar

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Join Jon Kabat-Zinn in this webinar as he talks about the essence of mindfulness, and how we might keep our practice vital, vibrant and seamlessly available in everyday life.

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