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Committed to furthering inclusion, diversity and equity at the CFM, in medicine, healthcare and the broader society

Our Vision

In service to our vision of an awake and compassionate world, the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society™ (CFM) is committed to embracing and embodying the diversity of our society and our world, and to promoting and ensuring inclusivity and equity in our community of practice, teaching, and research.

The CFM welcomes the full range of human experiences and viewpoints; the CFM has a priority to reach out, invite, include, and celebrate the participation of people of every race, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, belief system, ability, educational background, economic circumstance, veteran status, and age, so that all may feel welcome and respected. The CFM values and is committed to developing its cultural competence and cultural humility, aspires to honor intersectionality, and acknowledges tacit issues of implicit bias, power, and privilege as they arise.

We recognize that this work is sometimes painful and challenging, yet we will not turn away from what is called for to realize genuine diversity, equity, and inclusivity.  The intention to stay in relationship and the commitment to broaden our knowledge base supports dissolving the differences that burden our relationships.

Our Commitment

The CFM commits to a rigorous program of staff education and organizational development that produces objective and measurable improvements in the CFM's workplace and in our external programs, so that diversity and inclusion comprise a strategic element of our enterprise.

Beyond the essential framework of social justice and human respect toward all beings, the organizational health and effectiveness of the CFM is strengthened by the full engagement of all the talents, good will, and energy of all we include in our work.

Within our own organization and through ongoing engagement with neighborhood healthcare organizations and leaders in greater community, we commit ourselves to developing new programs in support of people who identify themselves as persons of color, people within the LGBTQ+ communities and people in other underserved segments of society.

Embodying this commitment joins our conscience and consciousness.  We are humbled by this promise and intent on engaging in an open and iterative educational process with our program participants. Our intention is to nurture these programs with input and financial support as we continue to advance freedom and equity in healthcare for all.