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Therapeutic Neuroscience Lab

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We’re in the business of saving lives.

Mindfulness in Action

After serving seven years in the armed forces airborne command and control, Rhiannon “Rhi” joined our online MBSR class to bring more mindfulness into her life.


Photo: Jen Dean

We’re in the business of saving lives.

Mindfulness in Action

Worcester Fire Department firefighters completed a four week mindfulness program, learning how to bring focus to their jobs, and benefitting from increased situational awareness.


Photo: Elizabeth Brooks, Worcester Magazine

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Integrating mindful practices with the science behind eating habits and weekly in-person group education

Mindfulness Tools Petaluma

Mindfulness Tools

Five days of intensive MBSR training in residence, at locations in the U.S and abroad

MBCT Instructor

Break the cycle of Depression: MBCT at CFM

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) combines mindfulness meditation practices and mindful movement with elements from cognitive therapy. Now offered in 8-week sessions at the CFM.

Anderson Cooper and Jud Brewer

Anderson Cooper reports on his journey to mindfulness

In a 2015 airing of CBS News “60 Minutes”, Cooper shares his story on learning to meditate, and the follow-up neuroscientific analysis conducted at the Center for Mindfulness.

Becoming an MBSR Teacher

Oasis Institute at the Center for Mindfulness offers world-leading programs for MBSR Teacher Education and Certification. Professionals in medicine, psychology, human services, education, business and healthcare choose Oasis for expanding their knowledge and skills.

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