Service to UMMS

• Dr. Jaime Rivera together with Dr. Jose Lemos (Physiology) and Phil DeChavez (Family Medicine) spearheaded the creation of the UMass Latino Association in 2009. The association in composed of Faculty, Post-Docs and Graduate students of the School of Medicine, the Graduate School and the School of Nursing at the Worcester campus.

• To support the requirement for “high end” imaging Cell Biology faculty applied for and were successful in obtaining an NIH shared instrumentation grant for a micro CT imaging instrument. This instrument significantly increases UMMS researchers’ capabilities for skeletal and tumor imaging.

• EM scopeDrs. Roger Craig and George Witman obtained a shared instrumentation grant for a “high end” transmission electron microscope 

• Dr. Stephen Jones directs the UMMS Transgenic/KO Mouse Core Facility.

• Drs. Roger Craig and George Witman direct the UMass Electromicroscopy Facility.

• Dr. Kelly Smith directs the International Stem Cell Registry (ISCR). The International Stem Cell Registry (ISCR) is a freely accessible, continuously updated, searchable database for the stem cell research community. The most comprehensive database on human embryonic stem cell (hESC) and disease-specific induced pluripotent (iPS) stem cell lines, the ISCR currently provides published and validated unpublished information for over 1,500 cell lines from over 20 countries. The ISCR also includes a literature database of over 1,600 citations that are searchable by cell line name and keywords in the abstract.

• Cell and Developmental Biology department faculty play major roles on institutional committees include those with responsibilities for: faculty development, computer resources, clinical protocol development, research planning, sexual harassment, library resources, curriculum planning, and cancer center development. Department of Cell and Developmental Biology faculty serve on such institutional committees as: Faculty Council, Scientific Council, Graduate Council, Educational Policy Committee, Graduate School Admissions Committees, Institutional Tenure Committee, ACS Institutional Research Grant Committee, Cancer Center Executive Oversight Committee, Graduate Recruitment, Radiation Safety, Faculty Grievance, Affirmative Action, Institutional Animal Core and Use, Institutional Small Grants Program, LInC Trustees, ad hoc policy committees, campus master planning, and a number of search committees for faculty and administrators.

• Dr. Anthony Imbalzano was appointed Associate Dean for the newly formed Office for Postdoctoral Scholars, which is administered through the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Imbalzano’s office will act as a resource for postdoctoral associates, for postdoctoral mentors, and the institution. 

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