Department Shared Resources

6th Floor
7th Floor
2 -20° freezers (back-up, frost free and manual defrost) Beckman DU-640 Spectrophotometer
ABI 7000 Sequence Detection System Beckman J2-21
ABI 7300 Real Time PCR System Beckman Optima TLX table top ultra centrifuges
Alpha Innotec Gel Documentation System, Multi image lll Bellco Micro Hybridization Oven
Amaxa Nucleofector 2 BioRad Gel Doc XRP+ with camera
Beckman Avanti J-25 centrifuge with rotors:  JA-10, JA-25.15, JA-25.50 BioRad Gel Documentation System with Universal Hood and camera
Beckman Scintillation Counter LS6500 French Pressure Cell Press
Beckman Ultra Centrifuge L8-70 with rotors:  70.Ti, SW55Ti Heraeus microcentrifuge
Bellco Water Stills New Brunswick Incubator Shakers, C25
GE Molecular Dynamics Storm 840 Phosphoimager PTI Fluorescence Spectrophotometer with FeliX software
Hybaid PCR Express Savant Speedvac Concentrator
Nanodrop Spec ND-1000 Sonifier Cell Disruptor and sound cabinet
New Brunswick Incubator Shakers, C25 Thermo Sorvall Legend RT table top centrifuge
Nexcellom AutoT4 Cellometer Thermosafe Dry Ice Storage Container
Nikon Diaphot with Spot camera VWR large shaking water bath
Promega Glomax Luminometer, 96 well plate reader Zeiss IM35 inverted microscope
Sonabox for ultrasonication  
Thermo -80 freezers (back-up)  
Thermo HeraCell 150i oxygenated incubator  
Thermo-Revco Plasma Freezer  
Histology Laboratory with instrumentation for processing and sectioning tissues: Sakura Tissue-Tek Tissue Processor, Sakura Embedding Station, Bright Cryostat, paraffin and plastic embedded tissue microtomes, Microscopes and cameras  
Electron Microscopy Facility equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation - A Level Gregory Hendricks


  • FEI Quanta 200 MKII FEG ESEM; Capable of High Vacuum- High resolution, Environmental, and Low Vacuum Modes for SEM. It is also equipped with an Oxford-Link EDS system for simultaneous elemental analysis allowing the collection of SEI (topographic), BSI (atomic contrast), x-ray data and STEM (transmitted electron imaging) data on most any kind of specimen.
  • Philips CM120 Cryo; with a LaB6 thermionic gun for Cryo-EM and electron tomographic studies. Equipped with a High Resolution Teitz fiber optic coupled digital camera system.
  • Philips CM10-Conventional TEM; with a tungsten thermionic gun for “standard” TEM studies. This microscope is equipped with a fast scan, Gatan lens coupled digital 11 Mega pixel camera system.
  • FEI Tecnai 12 BioTwin; with a LaB6 thermionic gun for Cryo-EM and electron tomographic studies. Equipped with a High Resolution “Eagle” fiber optic coupled digital camera system and a fast scan, Gatan lens coupled digital 11 Mega pixel camera system. 

Ancillary equipment:

  • Ultramicrotomes:
    • 1 Leica EM UC7 room temperature ultramicrotome for sectioning plastic embedded specimens
    • 2 Reichert-Jung UltraCut E ultramicrotomes, and a FC4D cryo chamber. These microtomes can be used for either room temperature sectioning or cryo-sectioning.
  • Leica EM Trim2 plastic block trimmer
  • Denton Vacuum Evaporation system- 502B for making carbon films and metal shadowing
  • Reichert-Jung CS Auto Cryo substitution apparatus for low temperature embedding
  • AutoSamdri-815; critical point dryer for drying specimens for SEM applications
  • Cressington 208HR sputter coater, for producing ultra-thin conductive coatings for High Resolution SEM
  • Balzars Freeze-Fracture apparatus for preparing frozen fractured specimens for TEM analysis of membrane proteins
The Confocal Microscopy Core equipped with a Leica SP scanning confocal microscope built around a Leica DMIRBE inverted microscope. This system features 3 lasers (Ar, Kr, and HeNe), spectrophotometric light detection with four channels, a DIC channel, and an Acoustical Optical Tunable Filter. Several perfusion and constant temperature chambers are available for live cell studies. Jeffrey Nickerson or Jean Underwood
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