Four Students Participate in Summer Research Program in Cell Biology Labs

Four students were hosted in Cell Biology Labs as part of the six week NIH Summer Research program for students from US colleges. The program ended on August 4th with a poster session in the UMMS Medical School lobby. 
The students who worked in Cell Biology labs were: 


Nikki Rosetti Johnathan Andrus

Nikki Rossetti, did research in the Nickerson Lab studying mRNA Nuclear Export Protein Binding is Regulated by the Phosphatidylinositol Signaling Pathway in Live Cells.

Jonathan Andrus was in the Imbalzano Lab and his research was The Effects of Adiopocyte Conditioned Media on the Prolifereation of Human Breast Cancer.

Sara Choi Dan Pak

Sara Choi did research in the Zhang Lab titled An Investigation of Mutations in the Immunoglobulin M Locus of Smurf2-deficienit Mouse Models.

Dan Pak did research on the Effect of AKT Inhibition on mRNA Export in Human Breast Epithelial Cells in the Nickerson Lab.

Summer Students Poster Session 2011

Students present their summer research at a poster session in the Medical School Lobby.
Several members of the Cell Biology Department participated as judges for the poster session.



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